How A Precise Digital Marketing Strategy Can Grow Your Restoration Business

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Algorithmic Global can make a restoration digital marketing strategy tailored for your business

A disclaimer is necessary before diving into this post:

Algorithmic Global has built several digital marketing strategies for different restoration companies. No two digital marketing strategies are ever the same, because no two companies have precisely the same goals. Numerous factors are involved, but, in the end, no single method is superior to any other.

If you are a restoration owner, please reconsider taking the single, lonely step of building a website and leaving it untouched. Once the website exists, implement a digital marketing strategy to pull customers to your website. 

There are 3 ways to drive traffic to your restoration website with a digital marketing strategy:

  1. Build digital communities.
  2. Create a detailed social media posting schedule.
  3. Make blog posting a priority.

These are all contributing factors to search engine optimization (SEO) and help drive your website’s organic traffic.

Building Digital Communities

If you are involved in business development or are a marketing professional for a restoration company, you know the value of previous customers and word-of-mouth. 

A restoration company will get commercial business by knowing and having a good track record with property managers, HOA associations, and commercial property owners.

These people are perfect candidates for a digital community.

Digital marketing gives a greater reach for new customers

How to build a digital community?

In a previous post, we discussed the power behind LinkedIn and Alignable. In a nutshell, the team at Algorithmic Global uses these two platforms to build our digital communities. 

Restoration businesses can also benefit from using these two platforms. 

There are many property managers on LinkedIn, and when it comes to getting new water damage leads, you should be connecting with plumbing companies on alignable. 

The best way to build the community on LinkedIn and Alignable is by delivering quality content that is unique and authentic. People like to know the people they work with and the ways they show up in the community. Share as much as possible with your digital communities with the hope they will become future customers.

Create a Social media schedule

Although we just discussed LinkedIn, we also think that Twitter and Facebook are vital components of driving traffic to a website. Utilize these platforms by creating a posting schedule via a social media calendar. A post by Zapier shares the best social media management tools

Having a posting schedule is extremely important to stay organized and to enhance posting with regularity. We have found that business professionals appreciate consistency.  

Make Blogging A Priority

At Algorithmic Global, we believe that posting a blog post once every two weeks is best practice. This frequency ensures that both Google and visitors can see evidence of your consistent presence. 

If you are a blog creator for a restoration company, you can post the following post types: 

  • Jobs
  • Team members
  • New partnerships
  • Company news

When you post a blog on your website, also share the posts to your social media pages. A blog is a great way to drive traffic to your website. 

How can you tell if your digital marketing strategy is working?

In Google Analytics, you can track the origin of the traffic to your restoration website. The way to track this metric is the following: 

  • Login into Google Analytics
  • Click the Acquisitions tab on the right
  • Click the all traffic dropdown
  • Choose Source/Medium
Algorithmic Global website traffic

Here is where the Algorithmic Global website is gaining its traffic. As you can see, our organic traffic is the key driver. No surprise to us–we prioritize our SEO. 

SEO is more than posting a blog and hoping for the best; there’s work behind the scenes that’s crucial to this strategy’s success. 

Digital marketing is here to stay.

The Algorithmic global team specializes in working with restoration clients. Years of experience working with this industry helps us guarantee a level of quality based on first-hand knowledge of relevant topics, like water damage and mold remediation.

For your digital marketing strategy, it is best to hire a company that can take care of all your SEO needs, including knowledge about what topics are being searched for by potential customers. No two digital marketing strategies are alike; to deliver the best service, our team members focus on your unique situation to find the best possible solution. 
Contact us today if you are looking to get a leg up on the competition with restoration digital marketing. We will be in contact within 24 hours after receiving your inquiry.


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