The #1 Hack For More Flood Damage Leads During a Storm Event

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Flood damage leads

Getting more flood damage leads with restoration digital marketing is the best way to take advantage of the weather opportunities!

The digital marketing professionals at Algorithmic Global know how much our restoration clients love storm events. For those not aware, a storm event is when there is a storm in a particular area that results in flooding, roof damage, and sewer backups. 

Storm events cause many types of restoration damages. However, out of all the different types of damages, flooding is our client’s favorite lead to receive due to its lucrative nature. Flood damage leads are categorized as category three water damage, meaning that all affected materials need to be demolished and rebuilt. Therefore, multiple flood damage leads will be highly profitable for a restoration business!

Perhaps you are a new restoration owner who has heard about storm events and is waiting your turn to capitalize on the heavy revenue gains from more flood damage leads. This blog post will go over how to get more flood damage leads during a storm event. In addition, we will be sharing the way we get the clients at Algorithmic Global more flood damage leads and the setup needed to ensure we are getting the most out of a digital marketing budget

The difference between flood damage leads and water damage leads

Storm event causing flooding

Flood damage leads are different from standard water damage leads because, by design, they capitalize on storm events. For example, a typical water damage lead will occur when a customer is having issues after a pipe burst, or a small leak has adverse effects on other parts of the home.

Flooding leads are the only water-related leads producing an enormous amount of work in clusters—generic water damage happens to individual houses at random. So, capitalizing on storm events whenever they roll in is the goal!

As a restoration business, you will want to maximize flood damage leads when flooding occurs in a particular neighborhood or city. Flooding can occur from seawater or river water or heavy rainfall in one specific area.  

Setting up for flood damage leads.

The set up for a marketing professional

The setup for getting more flood damage leads will start with a restoration company’s greatest asset: their website. A well-built restoration website is like a sales professional that works 24/7.

So when you choose Algorithmic Global as your restoration digital marketing partner, we always start by analyzing your current website to ensure it is ready to capitalize on more flood damage leads. 

The first thing that we will analyze is the current state of your website’s user experience to ensure that potential customers can quickly and easily get in contact with your restoration company. We will review: 

  • User experience
  • Grammatical errors
  • Landing pages
  • Title tags 
  • Meta descriptions
  • Headings 
  • Keyword density 
  • Content structure 
  • Multimedia

If you currently do not have a website, there is no need to worry! The team at Algorithmic Global builds beautiful websites for restoration companies. Additionally, we have the data to back up what kind of contact forms customers are most likely to fill out and produce content proven to bring more flood damage leads for our clients. 

The #1 way to get flood damage leads 

Google search engine used to get more flood damage leads

After the website has been built and optimized to close more flood damage leads, you will then want to create a Google Ads campaign that focuses on a strategy for flood damage leads. For best results, the Google Ads campaign that includes flood damage keywords needs to be constantly running because Google rewards businesses with consistent spend on their ad platform. 

You will notice the benefits of consistent ad spend during the next storm event in your area. Not only will you get more flood damage leads, but you will also notice that your flood damage ads are showing a high percentage at the top of Google because of your previous consistency. 

Google ads are a powerful tool for restoration lead generation. When a customer has a flood damage emergency, they are in a high need for restoration contractors to perform services. Therefore, only attracting customers ready to convert by showing your ad at the top of the search results is the best part of using Google ads for flood damage leads. 

Get more flood damage leads with Algorithmic Global 

Sign leading customer to more leads

We hope you enjoyed learning about the importance of a restoration website and utilizing Google Ads for flood damage leads during a storm event. As you discovered, getting more flood damage leads takes preparation, but we are ready to help!
The team at Algorithmic Global has partnered with multiple restoration companies across the United States and has data to show the quality of our algorithmic marketing approach. Please contact us via our contact page if you are interested in getting more flood damage leads.


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