Franchise Branding: 3 Tips to Build a Great Franchise Brand

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In the restoration industry, many top franchises are running the show due to powerful franchise branding. 

Franchise branding is not easy. Properly branding a franchise requires including a specific aesthetic and feel to ensure a desirable brand portrayal brand. Doing so makes customers feel confident in using your franchise over a competitor’s business. 

Franchising will work very powerfully when you want to build a scalable business that delivers customers a familiar presence and experiences that they will remember. It is essential that the franchise brand values all of the experiences a customer has with the company, across every touchpoint.

Currently, many restoration franchise brands are way too contrived and cheesy. If it wasn’t for the years of brand-recognition, top restoration franchises could have a name change and most customers wouldn’t spot the difference. 

Consider the following three tips when looking to build a new restoration franchise brand that will bring new franchise leads and avoid looking like the competition:

SERVPRO trucks in wear house displaying consistent franchise branding

Tip 1: Own your slogan and colors 

Restoration franchises that have taken the time on slogans and company colors have had more success than their competition. For example, let’s take a look at the branding done by SERVPRO. We believe that SERVPRO has incorporated their brand colors and slogan the best out of all top restoration franchises. They have continued to be consistent even after being sold to Blackstone in 2019 for over 1 billion dollars. 

SERVPRO has been able to convey consistency particularly well. Their bright green trucks are in every town across the United States– it’s iconic to their brand. When people see that green truck, they know professionals will clean any damages, “Like it never even happened.” 

A restoration franchise that has taken their color palette across all brand touchpoints knows how vital colors are. Colors are powerful; they invoke a variety of emotions and feelings from customers. The colors of a franchise need to be consistent on your franchise website as well. 

Any customer clicking on the SERVPRO website sees the green everyone expects from the company. The SERVPRO green is loud, but it also makes the site feel comfortable and welcoming. 

The colors you choose for your restoration franchise brand should be at the top of your mind when creating a new brand identity. You want your restoration franchise brand to help visitors remember you when disaster strikes, knowing you can restore their home to the way it was before. 

Girl reading a story

Tip 2: Know your story 

Every business started from somewhere. The person who created the restoration franchise knows the story better than any employee or partner. When branding for a franchise, it is essential to speak to the individual that started the whole thing. 

We like to consider the story the heart of the business. A healthy heart will move a franchise in a positive direction. The heart ensures consistency across all touchpoints. 

Correctly conveying a franchise’s story gives customers peace of mind that quality will be consistent. Experts associated with that brand will perform any restoration work precisely the same way it always has been done. 

If you are thinking about starting a restoration franchise, you need to think about all the others in the restoration market. Look to tell a story that customers can rely on, one that conveys emotion; this is also known as marketing pathos. Your story sets you apart from the competition. 

As your brand franchise expands, knowing the DNA of your brand is going to be critical. The DNA for a restoration franchise is going to be similar across all platforms. The franchise brand will need to focus on how the company has served its customers better than anyone else.  

Restoration Franchises need to convey the following: 

  1. Solves a valuable customer needs better than anyone else 
  2. Values the quality of relationships with customers
  3. Understands what improves the customers’ experience or better solves a customer’s need or group of customers.
  4. Leaders that are empathetic servants and intimately know and understand the customer’s point of view.
  5. Leadership that focuses on reputation building. 

Tip 3: Keep brand Consistency

When you are looking to grow a restoration franchise, you need to consider the franchisees looking to be a part of your business. New franchisee owners have chosen to work under your franchise name because of the proven reputation. The reason that the restoration franchises work is that they keep the personality and relevance consistent. When opening up a new franchisee, you will want them to convey the brand DNA and not give a branching, inconsistent ideology to customers. 

Your restoration franchise brand needs to include the signature value-add that comes with what you sell. Your signature value reinforces customers on why they will want to return. What your customers remember about your franchise brand is what will stick. You will want them to talk about their business experiences; this will drive them to come back and choose your franchise over the competition. 

Consistency builds strong branding. The same graphic design elements, language, and writing style should be a constant across all channels – from print materials to digital display ads, franchisee websites, and the corporate restoration franchise website.

Branding color scheme

Your Franchise Style Guide (The first stop for branding)

In this post, we discussed company colors, slogans, story, and the importance of consistency. When you are building a franchise brand, you will want to start with creating a style guide.  

Style guides, also known as brand books, are a vital marketing tool. A style guide will include logos, color, typography, imagery, and sometimes the brand mission, tone, and voice. 

When you hire the Algorithmic Global team, we will begin with the creation of a style guide. A designer and brand professional collaborate to compile the brand style guides that we create.

Whether a franchise decides to continue to work with us or not, we will leave them with the value of a style guide to quickly and easily start working with a new agency to assist in their marketing efforts. 
The style guides we create will include typefaces, colors, correct logo usage, and imagery examples. When you receive a style guide from Algorithmic Global, you will know about the franchise brand and all of its touchpoints. Contact us today if you are thinking about starting a new franchise and want to ensure that the branding is consistent amongst the franchisees.


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