How to Get Franchise Leads – 3 Powerful Marketing Tips

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Diagram showing franchise lead generation

The case for why corporate franchise owners should be prioritizing new leads. 

One method of restoration business growth is with a franchise model. In this model, to grow your restoration franchise, you will want to bring in new franchise leads and sell more franchises (that’s the goal, right?). 

The hardest part of getting new franchise sales is finding these new franchise leads and converting them to sales. What may work for one restoration franchise may not work for the other.   

Restoration franchises like Paul Davis and SERVPRO have been growing their franchises for years. How do you plan on growing your franchise just like the leading restoration franchises have done in the past? 

There are a few ways of keeping track of new franchise leads. A good measure is counting the number of applications you receive each month. You can also look into how many website information inquiries you receive. 

This blog post will go over three ways we have seen franchises grow through compelling lead generation.

First things first

Before we dive in on the best ways to get new franchise leads, let’s talk about knowing your target audience.

A considerable part of any marketing strategy is outlining the ideal buyer persona (target customer) for your franchise. In the restoration industry, we have witnessed that most new franchise owners come from a water restoration background. 

Once you know your target customer, look into where they are spending most of their time on the internet. 

With your target audience clearly defined and knowledge about how they are searching the internet prepared, you need to plan a content strategy to get your story to the prospective buyer. 

Three ways to get new franchise leads

There are three fundamental avenues for developing franchise leads:

1) Create a lead generating website 

2) Social media 

3) Paid search 

Create a franchise lead generation website.

A fundamental part of the franchise lead generation process is the recruitment website. In a previous post, we discussed why we think Paul Davis has the best restoration franchise website. Outside of building an excellent website for consumers, they have also created a franchise lead website for those interested in franchising their own restoration business. 

Paul Davis website for franchise leads

We believe franchises having a dedicated website for franchising is much better than placing a few pages on a consumer site. You will want a separate page speaking directly to the potential buyer and addressing any questions they might have for franchise leads. The best place to answer common franchising questions is going to be in an included FAQ page.  

Another critical factor to consider is ensuring that the site is mobile and tablet friendly. A mobile-friendly site is not only beneficial for the potential buyer but also search engines. Google will penalize a website that is not mobile-friendly.   

Also include diagrams and videos on why they should franchise with your company. The longer the potential franchise buyer stays on your site, the better; if they plan on leaving, it should be to talk directly with a salesperson. A high-quality franchise website will bring in leads, but the dedicated salesperson will be the one who closes the deal.

Reach your target audience with Facebook advertising

Franchise leads through social media. 

When a prospect is interested in being a franchisee, they will be looking at every angle of your business on- and offline. A strong social media presence will help your new franchise prospect get a feel for the company. Hire social media professionals who know how to deliver the perfect brand message you are looking to obtain to ensure brand consistency.

The cool part about social media is the ability to promote posts and place ads to boost your visibility to your potential customers. Your promoted posts can even go directly into people’s news feeds, ensuring they see them.

Invest in Paid Search 

PPC for franchise leads

Paid search marketing will be beneficial in bringing in new franchise leads. You will want to do extensive keyword research to know what keywords to bid on to bring new visitors to your website. 

Search engine marketing works closely with your website because once the potential customer arrives, your website, then your sales team, will do the selling. 

Final Thoughts

Each aspect of the franchise lead generation is beneficial to the overall strategy. Your social media will show brand consistency, your paid search campaigns will drive traffic to your website, and your website design will keep the potential franchisee buyer engaged and hopefully submit for more information. 

Bringing new franchise leads utilizing digital marketing tactics is exceptionally useful. As we tell all of our clients, we can get you new leads–have your sales professionals ready to close the deal! 

Lastly, you may want to test the different aspects of these franchise lead generation tactics. 
It may be easier to let the franchise marketing professionals handle all of the lead generations for your franchise. When you partner with our team, we ensure that your marketing budget outperforms the competition. Contact us today!

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