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Restoration marketing professionals explain the best ways to market a restoration company online.

Restoration services are most lucrative when a massive storm is on the way. These services are soon in hot demand because adverse weather conditions cause flooding, roof and siding damage, and water leaks. Business owners: market a restoration company to take advantage of the fluctuating weather!

When a significant weather event occurs, a restoration company must capture as many jobs as possible during the event and immediately after. The best way to capture the most leads is to market a restoration company online with the following five tips in mind. 

Since November 2017, Algorithmic Global has been consulting with cleaning and restoration companies. We have found that these four tips are the most successful ways to market a restoration company online over the years.

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Tip #1 To Market A Restoration Company Online: Build A Strong Website

Having a personalized website is more important than ever. A professional restoration website design will continue to bring in more customers through its evergreen content. Consider the following when developing a website: 

  • A conversion-based design with clear call to actions throughout
  • A website that communicates all services
  • Includes all service areas
  • A clear indication of why a company should choose you over competitors

Ideally, your web design is a tool, delivering you new leads. When an Algorithmic Global professional starts developing a new website, we will ask the restoration client a series of questions to fully understand its brand. 

Tip #2 To Market A Restoration Company Online: Focus On SEO  

Local SEO will provide a clear understanding of the office location and service areas. Local SEO will outperform the competition by including keywords tied to the multiple cities or geographic regions the business serves.

Pro-tip: be clear about your locations!

What enhances local SEO: 

  1. (GMB) Google My Business
  2. Reviews
  3. Local Citations 
  4. Consistent NAP
  5. Optimize for mobile usability
  6. Blogging  

Remember, getting ranked on the first page of Google will bring you more leads. 

Reviews help prove to Google that your company is real. Also, consumers turn to reviews when finalizing their decision about which company they hire. 

When developing a blog, the text should be well-written and read naturally–both customers and Google bots will read the written content. Focus on getting relevant links to your website, preferably from local websites and other restoration web pages.

Tip #3 To Market A Restoration Company Online: PPC Advertising  

Pay-per-click advertising provides a considerable advantage in the main search engines (Google and Bing). Advertising on a search engine means your restoration business will show in the top positions because these top positions are always reserved for paid ads. 

The best part of PPC advertising is that you can focus on the customer’s destination page, known as a landing page. Testing the ad copy of the landing page is crucial; the copy must be relevant to the served ad linked to the page. 

Our restoration clients love feeding our paid ad machine during a storm event because they can be aggressive and show in all the impacted areas. Paid search ads have been a staple for all of our restoration clients.

Social media icons for a restoration company

Tip #4 To Market A Restoration Company Online: Social media marketing 

Social media marketing allows a restoration owner to list all business information on major social media platforms. On each social page, you can set up a call to action to request an estimate and use messenger to communicate directly with new restoration leads.

For social media, focus on interacting and educating customers. Joining local Facebook and LinkedIn groups about home maintenance and restoration will be highly beneficial. One of the best ways we have found for interacting with potential clients is by creating restoration videos. The best converting videos are about 30 seconds to 2 minutes long. These videos will showcase your restoration services and encourage potential customers to act. You can post your video on a Facebook business page, but don’t forget Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

The content you post to your business page timeline will give customers insight about your company. Customers like to know the staff, quality of work, and business ethics. 

Facebook and Linkedin paid ads. 

We highly recommend doing a Facebook and LinkedIn ad campaign to get your company seen and build your business pages. Social media ad campaigns are relatively cheap compared to search engine marketing. 

When developing a social media ad campaign, it is a good idea to target property managers in your service area. 

Tip #5 To Market A Restoration Company Online: Email marketing 

Email marketing is an oven overlooked tactic in the restoration industry. All of your referral sources and past clients should be receiving regular educational emails from you. 

Only send your email newsletters to those who have given you their permission. A massive benefit to email marketing is that you’ll be at the top of mind for the people on your list whenever they have a new project or hear someone in their network needs restoration services.

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Final Thoughts

When marketing a restoration company and generating new leads, we have seen that implementing all five tactics generates the most leads. Please contact us today if you have any questions on how the Algorithmic Global professionals can enhance your digital marketing presence. 

Last tip: don’t forget to send follow-up emails after each job asking for a review!


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