Mold Inspection Leads: 4 Great Reasons To Start Google Ads

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Mold inspection leads

Avoiding the expense of advertising on Google Ads is a normal response, but it is proven to bring more mold inspection leads your way!

Choosing the right digital marketing strategy for more mold inspection leads can be difficult, especially if you don’t have a great understanding of SEO or pay-per-click marketing—in this case, Google Ads. The professionals at Algorithmic Global understand that there are many different ways to generate mold inspection leads, but we believe Google ads work the best.

Gaining more mold inspection leads is vital to the growth of your mold remediation company. This blog post will break down four reasons why using Google ads is the best starter option for your restoration company. Read on and learn more about how Google ads will help generate more mold inspection leads for your business.

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What is Google Ads?

Google Ads is a platform for advertising on Google’s search engine. When you choose to use Google advertising for more mold inspection leads, you have to decide what type of ad campaign you want to run. 

There are three types of campaigns to choose from: search, display, or video.

  • Google search ads are text advertisements that are displayed when users search Google.
  • Display Ads are typically image-based and are shown on web pages found in the Google Display Network.
  • Google Video ads are videos that appear on YouTube.

All three Google advertising campaigns have immense reach. Still, the restoration marketing professionals at Algorithmic Global think it would be best to start with Google search ads campaign for more mold inspection leads for these four reasons:

Reason #1: Fast conversions

When a customer searches for mold inspections or remediation services, it is likely because the customer has a mold issue and is ready to purchase mold-related services. In the digital marketing world, a customer needing mold inspection services would be located at the bottom of the marketing funnel, at the narrowest point, because they are about to become a customer.

Reason # 2: Cheaper (CPC)

Compared to other restoration services out there, the digital marketing professionals at Algorithmic Global have found that mold inspection leads are the cheapest Google ad campaigns to run. The cheaper the cost-per-click, the more mold inspection clicks you can get with your budget, and more clicks are more chances for finding quality leads. 

Reason # 3 High return on investment 

The cool thing about Google Advertising is that you only get charged for the ads customers click on, and money is not wasted advertising to people who are not interested in what you have to offer.

The Google ads campaigns that have the highest ROI are the ones that are optimized. The only way to know what strategy will give you the most mold inspection leads will be by continually testing and tracking campaigns. 

The Algorithmic Global professionals have the data to back up which restoration keywords and ad copy works best for mold inspection leads. The mold remediation partners we work with get tailored budget recommendations that lead to successful campaigns and a great ROI.

Reason #4 Learn more about your market 

Understanding how your customers search the internet will help you gain valuable data. One of the most significant benefits of running Google Ads for mold inspection leads will be gaining keywords the customer used to find your website. 

When you see the searched keywords, you can develop a content strategy and increase organic search visibility. Google ads will also allow you to see the customers:

  • Location
  • Device used
  • Date and time of their search
  • Search keyword

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Get more mold inspection leads with Algorithmic Global

Google is one of the most potent advertising channels; it deals with millions of searches every day and allows restoration companies to convert searches into mold inspection leads.

When you partner with Algorithmic Global, you will have digital marketing professionals in your corner that are niche-specific—in other words, we specialize in helping restoration contractors. For all of our partners, we promise never to run ads for a competitor in their area. 
We hope you enjoyed learning the importance of running Google Ads for more mold inspection leads. Contact us today to refine your restoration marketing efforts and ensure that your digital marketing budget doesn’t waste dollars. Our goal at Algorithmic Global is to bring our clients more clicks for the lowest cost!


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