More Water Damage Jobs Requires 2 Super Important Key Items!

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A small leak can lead to more water damage jobs

The most successful restoration businesses plan for more water damage jobs before they come.

Anyone that works in the restoration industry knows that the most lucrative service is water damage restoration. Accordingly, a common question Algorithmic Global receives from restoration contractors is how they can get more water damage jobs. As professionals in the digital marketing arena, we typically tell them about our restoration marketing services

Our water damage lead process has been proven to get more water damage jobs, but getting the call is half the battle. Any business can lose the lead when the wrong person answers the phone, arrives at the job site, or performs the estimate. 

This post is not designed to go over our lead generation services but rather how a company can complement our services when new leads come through the door. 

We believe in digital marketing as the number one sales tool for restoration contractors. But to get more water damage jobs, the restoration company has some work to do to get the most out of lead generation. 

In this blog post, we will go over the importance of having the right professionals in place. Our goal is for your restoration company to be ready to get more water damage jobs!

Sales professional getting more water damage jobs

Key 1: Get a sales professional on staff

To get more water damage jobs, you need to have a sales professional on staff. A common mistake that we have seen many restoration contractors make is allowing an office professional to sell a restoration job. To get more water damage jobs, you need to have an individual answer the phone who knows how to sell every time there is a new caller. 

The sales professional you have answering your business phone should know the job and be well versed in the restoration process. Having a dedicated sales professional on staff will help enhance the customer experience and help you get more water damage jobs.

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Key 2: Treat every job the same

One thing that will always continue to generate new business is word-of-mouth marketing. The restoration industry is no exception. Water damages frequently happen at one property. When you get new water damage lead, you need to treat each customer as if you’re planning for repeat business. Remember that your customers will talk to their friends and family about your water damage services. 

Whether it’s residential or commercial, your staff should act as professionally as possible no matter the job’s size. 

The best way to get repeat business and more water damage jobs is by hiring personable water restoration technicians that can communicate effectively. We understand that finding professionals may be demanding; the work is dirty and dangerous. It is best to wait to hire the right professional before opening the floodgates on restoration marketing leads.  

We have worked with all-size companies, and the best-performing ones are the companies that have the right professionals in place. When the Coronavirus pandemic hit, many of our customers told us that clients that they have done commercial water damages for called them for disinfecting services. Honestly, that brought a smile to our faces because our leads brought in repeat work!

Ready for more water damage jobs? 

With the right professionals in place, you will be ready for the leads to start rolling in! 

Algorithmic Global specializes in four types of restoration lead generation:

  1. Water damage leads 
  2. Fire damage leads 
  3. Mold damage leads 
  4. Homebuilder leads

We strive always to deliver an in-house feel with all the businesses that we work with on digital marketing. Our clients feel comfortable calling us at any time of day and know that we look out for them in the digital world! 

Team meeting for more water damage jobs

Wrapping up 

We hope you learned how to prepare for more water damage jobs. Remember that digital marketing tactics will get the phone ringing, but how the company responds to the lead will indicate if they get repeated work or referrals. The right professionals will ensure a lasting impression and complement a digital marketing campaign. 

We have worked with all sizes of restoration companies. Our algorithmic marketing approach has been proven to work but works even better when a company has key professionals in place. 

We welcome all-size restoration companies. The very least we can do is get you running with a newly updated website that portrays your brand, and then we can work from there! 
Contact us today for more water damage jobs!


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