Great Virtual Sales In The Restoration Industry: Beyond 2020

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Think outside the box to get more virtual sales

The future of virtual sales is in the hands of digital marketing services.

Virtual sales have become popular amongst restoration companies who have been forced to rely on technology and are looking to expand their sales capabilities.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, sales professionals in the restoration industry went out and sold directly to property managers and building owners. 

Now, those same sales professionals have been forced to create entirely new methods of sales strategies. 

Succeed at virtual selling

A restoration sales professional needs to learn new technology to succeed with virtual sales. To sell virtually, sales leaders must adopt a digital mindset.

New Virtual sales tasks will include:

  • Scheduling appointments
  • Updating CRM (customer relationship management) activities
  • Data entry
  • Cold calling
  • Lead generation
  • Prospecting

With less customer face time at an all-time low, virtual sales via digital channels will predominate.

Salesforce CRMStart virtual selling with a CRM

As mentioned above, one of the main tasks a sales professional is going to undertake is setting up a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. 

There are many CRM system options that you can implement inside your organization—when shopping for a CRM, research to ensure that it will provide all of your restoration business’s virtual selling needs.

The industry-leading CRM solution is Salesforce due to all of its integrations and customizable solutions. Salesforce is a great starting point for you and your team’s journey into CRM and virtual sales. 

The CRM that you implement needs to include email and social media integration. Integrating these two communication channels will allow you to maintain up to date data, which goes a long way in helping your virtual sales. 

What should a great CRM include? 

The number one most important attribute to a CRM is its ability for contact management. The CRM that you choose to implement will store your prospective leads and current clients’ contact information. All of the names, addresses, and social media accounts will be in a searchable database.

The searchable databases will allow all members of your business to access client and prospect information quickly. You will want a cloud-based solution. Cloud-based CRM solutions allow for the syncing and updating of your data.

Outside of having a searchable database with a great CRM, you will knock out the following task:

  • Scheduling appointments
  • Updating CRM activities
  • Data entry

These allow for much more straightforward and successful virtual sales. 

Your CRM software will standardize workflows and processes associated with virtual sales, marketing, and customer support. 

Algorithmic Global team discussing virtual sales Virtual sales require lead generation

The only thing that a CRM will not be able to do is lead generation. The virtual sales professional will be utilizing cold calling tactics and scheduling virtual meetings with property managers and building owners for the best lead generation. 

To get more leads, you will want to partner with restoration digital marketing professionals to bring you more emergency restoration jobs. 

The professionals at Algorithmic Global can help you gain more leads through their restoration marketing keywords that have been proven to convert. 

With your new CRM, the virtual sales professional will manage the process of converting prospects into potential customers by moving leads through the sales pipeline.

Final Thoughts

More than ever, sales professionals in the restoration industry need digital tools that build engagement with customers to replace traditional forms of selling. Virtual sales leaders need to develop adaptive systems that optimize digital interactions to stay relevant and drive revenue.

Remember that the CRM that you implement in your organization should provide actionable insights into business performance and customer behavior. Every restoration business is different; the CRM you choose should include customizable dashboards and reports based on customer data. These reports help in segmenting customers, tracking revenue, and managing personalized campaigns.

Lastly, make sure you partner with a boutique advertising agency that specializes in restoration lead generation. Algorithmic Global utilizes SEM and social media marketing tactics to ensure your brand is getting seen by the right eyes. 
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