Water Damage Marketing: Get Started With The #1 Free Guide

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Water Damage Marketing

Water damage marketing boils down to two main aspects: PPC advertising and website SEO

Water damage is inevitable. Burst pipes, broken appliances, and nature all make it a matter of time before a flooding event occurs. A comprehensive water damage marketing plan puts your company in the pole position to help those experiencing this disaster.

People are looking for your services. Are you where they are searching?

This article will dive deep into using the power of the internet, giving you the necessary tools, so you show up high in the search results.

water damage repair

The restoration industry

Within any geographic area, many companies are vying for water damage leads. These leads should be yours, and they will be with the proper water damage marketing plan in place.

Without brand exposure, you risk being lost in the noise, far down on Google’s search results page.

Your water damage marketing efforts will receive a boost over the local competition when you invest in your digital presence. Combining a reputable company with powerful online tools is the one-two punch that gives water damage marketing efforts their potency!

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Water damage marketing

Getting more water damage leads is a virtuous cycle. The money you make on just one conversion pays for the investment in water damage marketing. But it does call for an initial investment, one that includes both SEO and PPC services.


SEO stands for search engine optimization. It’s a large part of water damage marketing–a quality website is a powerful signal for Google that your content is worth showing to potential customers.

You can expect a water damage marketing package to include updating your website’s structure. The right keywords, on the right pages, with the correct organization. 

Content creation is essential. Did you know there’s a correct way to structure blog posts? There have to be specific headers, media tags, and linked keywords–all these help drive traffic to your site.

Don’t forget about distribution! Depending on the strategy, your posts will show up on various social media outlets or in a mailing list email, in addition to populating on your website. 


PPC, pay-per-click, is what most people think about when they consider water damage marketing for the first time. Every time a user clicks on the link, you’re charged a fee. 

The most important platform for water damage marketing is Google. It’s the first place people experiencing disaster use when searching for assistance, making the search engine a hotbed for activity.

The restoration industry has exorbitant click costs–everyone wants to show up first on the search results page! Without proper supervision and experience, overspending is easy. The key to a successful water damage marketing campaign is getting the most clicks for your budget, not overspending on just a few clicks. 

Facebook and Linkedin are also PPC platforms. Including these in a water damage marketing strategy requires a brand awareness mindset because whenever someone experiences a disaster, they don’t go to social media. But, if they regularly see your ads, you will be top of mind whenever they have an issue in their home and require your services.

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Think about your customers.

One of the keys to water damage marketing is embracing a particular mindset: you’re helping your clients. 

This attitude shows up in SEO by the content you publish and produce. It should be educational, informative, and as helpful as possible. This type of content is critical in establishing trust.

On the PPC side of the equation, thinking about ways your customer might search for you and your services will give you insights about where they will look for you and what terms they might use.

Putting yourself into the customer’s shoes, understanding what they need in the event of water damage, and finding ways you can help during their crisis will go a long way in making your water damage marketing successful.

Water damage marketing with Algorithmic Global

Water damage marketing is all about being there for your customers. Anyone experiencing a disaster, regardless of the cause, should know about and find your services easily and quickly.

The restoration industry is excellent at local marketing, leveraging long-standing relationships to generate word of mouth sales. Elevation of the digital presence is the next step in finding more water damage leads.

If you are looking for help with your water damage marketing, the Algorithmic Global team can help! Reach out to us via our contact page, and our experienced team will follow up with you and find out how we can work together on your digital marketing strategy.


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