Improving Restoration Website Credibility With 8 Easy Tips

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Make website credibility the focus when designing or updating your restoration website!

Building a new restoration website takes many hours of planning and designing. The design of your website is critical because of the importance easy navigation plays in generating leads. Remember, your design is not only for the end-user or customer; it also needs to be designed for Google’s crawler.     

In addition to design, another essential aspect of building out a site is portraying website credibility. What factors contribute to website credibility? Below is a website credibility list the restoration marketing professionals at Algorithmic Global put together for your next project:

1. Make it easy to contact your business

The best websites in the restoration industry have made it easy for customers to contact them during an emergency. A simple way to ensure that your restoration website is credible is by placing your contact information in clear, obvious places that allow for easy communication. 

Include the following contact information: 

  • phone number 
  • physical address
  • email address

In addition to including a unique contact page, we also include all of the business contact information on every page’s footer to boost the website’s credibility.

2. Avoid copywriting errors 

There is honestly nothing less professional than many spelling and grammatical errors on a website. To ensure that the website’s credibility remains consistent, have a professional copywriter review and edit the content you plan on publishing on your website. At the very least, run everything you post through spell-checking software.

3. Check for broken links

The best websites have interlinking pages and external links included in anchor texts. A website will lose credibility if one of the links leads to a 404 page (meaning that the link is broken). 

A broken link is not something you can control, especially when it is an external link. To avoid broken links and boost your website credibility, it is best to do frequent audits of your website; use Screaming Frog to check for broken links.   

4. Highlight your restoration expertise 

IICRC badge to show website credibility

In the restoration industry, including badges and icons boosts your website credibility. For example, the most credible restoration companies are IICRC certified. If your restoration business is an IICRC certified firm, you should include the IICRC badge on your website. 

Another way to boost your restoration website credibility is to include your state general contractor license. Being certified as a general contractor is a big deal—only restoration businesses with a qualified level of insurance can get approved as a general contractor. 

5. Are you environmentally friendly?

Now more than ever, the earth needs our help. If you want to show off your website’s credibility, it is a good idea to transition to only using green products so that you can include a Greenseal certification on your website.  

GreenSeal was launched in 1989. To include the GreenSeal certification badge on your company’s website, you need to ensure that all restoration products your company uses meet the performance, health, and environmental criteria (also known as the Green Seal Standards). 

When you include the Green Seal certification on your website, it will boost your website credibility by showing your customers that you only use products that are safe for the environment and won’t harm animals. 

6. Show off your company culture

Showing off great company culture at your place of business will allow customers to understand your brand and builds trust. When a fire or severe water damage occurs, the home or business owner will choose a company that they can trust with their most important and sentimental belongings. Showing your team and the culture at your restoration business will inherently boost the website’s credibility. 

Images that portray company culture:

  • Photo of your office
  • Photos of outside the building 
  • Photo of equipment/vehicles 
  • Photos of team members (with short bios)  

7. Include partnerships

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Showing off partners and affiliations will boost your website’s credibility. 

Here’s a list of potential partnerships:

  1. Membership with the chamber of commerce
  2. Business networking groups 
  3. Insurance company partnerships
  4. Programs you use (Matterport, Xactimate, Eagleview)

8. Update your website content often 

Your customers will find your restoration website to be more credible when it shows that it has been recently updated or reviewed. The easiest way to include updated content on your website is through a company blog. Your blog should include informative content that a customer may be looking for in their search. 

Wrapping up

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Now that you’re aware of what affects your website credibility, pick a few options and implement them moving forward. Eventually, the goal should be to knock off every section of this list.
Algorithmic Global consists of a team of digital marketing professionals specializing in working with restoration clients across the United States. Contact us today if you have any questions about your website’s credibility or need help build a new website.


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