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SERVPRO Blogs written for search engines

Learn how Algorithmic Global generates more business for restoration professionals around the nation by helping them capitalize on SEO!

Does your SERVPRO franchise want more leads and revenue? Search engine optimization (SEO) plans from Algorithmic Global can help! These include taking advantage of SERVPRO blogs to prime your customer base.

Our team of SEO professionals optimizes websites so that when people in your area search for restoration companies, your SERVPRO franchise information will appear at the top of the results page.

In this post, we’ll explore some of the top benefits of SEO for the restoration industry and share the best tool we use to write high- ranking SERVPRO blogs. You’ll discover why SEO for your restoration company is a must.

What is SEO?

SEO is short for search engine optimization. The acronym refers to a strategy to help your restoration website rank higher in search results. 

The best way to rank your SERVPRO website is by including keywords and phrases related to your business in your SERVPRO blogs.

5 content ideas to include in your SERVPRO blogs

SERVPRO blogs will boost your rankings in search engine results and make it easier for more people to find and learn about your SERVPRO Franchise.

All SERVPRO blogs should publish custom content on your website that addresses topics potential customers might find informative or interesting. Keep the following ideas in mind the next time you’re generating content!

  1. Discuss Restoration Trends
  2. Showcase Past Projects
  3. SERVPRO Partnership Announcements
  4. SERVPRO Awards and Milestones
  5. SERVPRO Job In Specific City 

SERVPRO Webstages 

Stage five SERVPRO website

If you are a SERVPRO marketing manager, you are probably aware of all the work that goes into making sure your website reaches the hallowed stage 5. 

Outside of pictures, videos, and reviews, achieving stage 5 status provides SERVPRO franchises the chance to provide SEO-friendly content on various website pages. 

Your most significant advantage is the content you write on your SERVPRO blogs. 

Top 3 Benefits of SEO 

There are three reasons why a restoration company should invest in SEO.

  1. Ranking higher

The premier benefit of a quality SEO strategy is boosting your rankings in search results for keywords and phrases related to your restoration company. Ranking highly is crucial because pages that rank on the first page receive a vast majority of the traffic.  

  1. Increased brand awareness

SEO allows more people the chance to find your company and learn about your offerings. The higher your restoration website appears in the search results, the greater the chance people will find your restoration company and become active customers.

  1. More qualified traffic

The goal of SEO is to help your restoration business reach people searching online for your services. SEO will attract more qualified visitors to your site, boost sales, and increase revenue.

The best tool for writing SERVPRO blogs 

SERVPRO Blogs using the Keyword Magic tool

The tool we recommend everyone use when writing SERVPRO blogs is the Keyword Magic Tool in SEMRush. For the past few years, SEMRush has helped us write thousands of words in compelling SERVPRO blogs. The Keyword Magic Tool helps us write high-quality SERVPRO Blogs through extensive keyword research.

To get started, you will want to create an account on SEMRush. Next, navigate over to the Keyword Magic Tool. The Keyword Magic Tool is powerful because it pulls actual search data from Google and other search engines. 

The Keyword Magic Tool will provide all the keywords you need to build an effective SEO campaign. 

How The Keyword Magic Tool Works

SEMRush Keyword Magic Tool Search Box

Enter the primary keyword that you want your SERVPRO blogs to rank for into the search box. SEMrush will pull out the following for the searched keyword(s):

  • Volume of searches
  • Number of results
  • Broad, Phrase, and Exact match keywords
  • Keyword Difficulty

One of our favorite features of SEMRush is the ability to export lists. Exporting a list of secondary long-tail keywords for the seed keyword(s) is highly beneficial for creating quality blog content.

How We Used SEMRush For This Blog Post 

First, we decided to make the primary keyword, “SERVPRO blogs.” We then searched for “SERVPRO blogs” in the Keyword Magic Tool search box. 

SERVPRO Blogs search results in SEMRushNext, we made a list of secondary keywords: 

For this example, the only secondary keyword generating volume was the keyword term “why SERVPRO blog.” 

We searched for two more keyword terms, SERVPRO advertising and SERVPRO marketing, to get another secondary keyword list. We then exported these lists and produced a keyword-rich blog post using a list of primary and secondary keywords.

As you can see, using a tool will help you uncover keywords and phrases people use in their online searches to find your restoration company. Remember, you will want to include primary and secondary keywords in your SERVPRO blogs. 


Remember, the goal is to incorporate ranking keywords in your SERVPRO blogs. SERVPRO customers deserve customized content that addresses topics that are useful for their everyday life.

The SEMRush Keyword Magic Tool can help boost your rankings in search results and give your SERVPRO blogs a leg up against competitors. 

Algorithmic Global works with SERVPRO franchises around the nation, offering them SERVPRO advertising and digital marketing services. To speak with an algorithmic marketing expert directly, you can reach us by filling out our contact form


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