Improving GMB ctr: 4 Actionable Tips that Generate Clicks!

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GMB ctr, or Google My Business click-through-rate, relies on many of the same ranking factors that boost a website!

If you are a local business owner, Google My Business should be an integral part of your online marketing strategy. Google My Business click-through rate (GMB ctr) is an important metric that measures the number of clicks on the map or business listing in Google Search.

GMB ctr relies on the same ranking factors that boost your website in search engines, which can be a challenge to improve. It’s not just about getting people to see your GMB; you need to get them to click!

This blog post will explore four actionable tips that help businesses increase their GMB ctr and generate more revenue from their Google listing.

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Top posts get the most clicks

According to a recent study about Google’s results page, the top listings get the lion’s share of the clicks. The top post gets around 33%; the second receives about 18%, and the third gets approximately 11%. From there, the numbers continue declining.

Google shows GMB listings in a box on the right of the search results, often under the maps. It’s a hack for getting to the top of the page, and the click count follows a similar distribution. The top post has the highest GMB ctr, and it falls precipitously from there.

So, getting a better GMB ctr on your Google My Business listing revolves around having the result listing your business as high as possible.

The very first step? Setting up your GMB listing in the first place. From there?

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4 tips for increasing GMB ctr

Once your GMB listing is up and running, consistent activity is vital. Google gives preferential treatment to listings that show recent, relevant content; unsurprisingly, taking advantage of this generates a higher GMB ctr.

When you set up your GMB listing, keep these two essential details in mind:

  1. Maintain a consistent NAP (name, address, place). Your business information should be uniform across your website and Google. Use the same format for your phone number and address and the same capitalization for your name.
  2. Include keywords in your description. The keywords you use should include information about the services you provide. If your website has a well-designed SEO (search engine optimization) strategy, use the keywords from some of your highest-trafficked pages.


Getting high-quality reviews serves a double purpose: it provides Google with valuable data that your business is active and helps generate future customers.

Accounts with dozens or hundreds of quality, 4 & 5-star reviews have the best chance of showing up high on the GMB listings and generate a high GMB ctr as a result.

Make generating reviews a focus for your business, and you’ll reap the rewards down the line. It’s slow going at first, but a worthwhile endeavor that helps propel your GMB ctr through the roof!


In a nutshell, Google tends to show GMB listings that post regularly higher on the results page. And along with the higher rank comes a higher GMB ctr.

On one extreme are businesses that post every day. That’s certainly an option and will get you a sizable back catalog of posts, but once a week is more sustainable and what we recommend.

The reason posts work so well is because they provide Google with new data about keywords and services your business performs. This information helps paint a fuller picture of your business so Google can show your listing to applicable searchers.


Similar to posts, the frequent submission sends a powerful signal to Google about your business’ offerings. And, just like posts, once a day is possible but once per week seems like a sweet spot for results.

Include images of your business location from inside and out. While this evidence is anecdotal, we’ve seen fantastic results to the GMB ctr with the addition of just these types of pictures. Three to five outside, and the same number inside.

For service businesses, upload images of your uniform, trucks, and completed jobs. Seeing the branded uniform and trucks helps potential customers know what they can expect, and clicks from them are more likely, increasing your GMB ctr!


Citations are business listings on other websites, like the Yellow Pages. The more citations, the better, as long as they’re all displaying the consistent NAP.

Warning: inconsistent NAP in added citations might hurt your GMB ranking and negatively affect your GMB ctr. Make sure you use your correct phone number and address with the proper formatting!

Citations work so well because they are additional signals to Google that your business is where it says it is and has the phone number it says it does. In addition, they want the best possible listing showing for their searchers, so when several other websites list your NAP, they receive assurance that you exist.

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Algorithmic Global can help increase GMB ctr

Increasing your GMB ctr goes hand-in-hand with raising your listing’s rank. The above four principles all help generate more traffic to your business—use them simultaneously for the best results!

GMB listings are an excellent way for your business to show at the top of the search results page because they show in a dedicated space at the top, under the maps. Many of the same ranking factors apply for traditional websites, and most businesses choose an approach that rises both!

If you are interested in increasing your GMB ctr or your search results ctr by ranking higher on the results page, give Algorithmic Global a call or reach out via our contact page. We specialize in helping disaster restoration clients generate web traffic so they can keep the focus on helping people recover from property damage!


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