The Best Use of the Google Ads Editor: Try This 1 Tip Out!

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The Google ads editor is clunky for most applications but shines for this one use!

Most people run Google ads through their chosen web browser. There’s another way to manage campaigns, ad groups, and keywords: the Google ads editor.

It’s a downloadable program that runs offline. Once the changes are complete, the new information on the Google ads editor is uploaded to the traditional Google ads server, coming online.

This article will outline the one considerable advantage the Google ads editor has over the traditional Google ads interface: bulk changes.

Using Google ads

Time for a quick overview of Google ads structure. There are campaigns where the type of ad served is determined. The two most popular types are search ads, the ones shown on search results, and display ads, shown in the boxes that follow users throughout the internet.

The next step down the hierarchy is the ad group. Think of this as the different products or services offered. In a nutshell, all ads going to the same landing page can be within the same ad group within a campaign.

Lastly, there are targets. These can be keywords or audiences. 

Changes to any of these components generally occur through a web browser or dedicated software. Google ads editor is unique because it allows you to download your entire Google ads account, make changes, then upload these changes. 

Google ads editor interface

Google ads editor

The best use of the Google ads editor is for making bulk changes. Managers can apply these changes to entire campaigns, ad groups, or target lists.

Duplicating campaigns and their structure is where we’ve found the Google ads editor most useful. This ability works nicely for managers who want a similar format for their new campaigns but don’t want to build them from scratch.

Doing so requires several tweaks to the new campaigns so that the new ads don’t lead to the wrong landing page.

duplicating campaigns
Copy campaigns just like you’d copy text.

Duplicating campaigns in Google ads editor

If you’re duplicating campaigns, use this checklist to make sure the information in your new ads is correct:

  1. Copy chosen campaign in Google ads editor
  2. Change locations
  3. Change ad links
  4. Change ad copy
  5. Alter campaign budget
  6. Tweak ad group bids
  7. Determine new targets
  8. Double-check for location keywords and remove those that don’t apply
  9. Publish changes
  10. Edit extensions

Note: Editing extensions must be done on the traditional Google ads interface, on a browser. Make sure the previous campaign’s site extensions didn’t transfer over.

We’ve used this technique within the same account and across accounts–it makes setting up new campaigns more manageable and faster.

How do I use Google ads editor?

The first step in using Google ads editor is downloading the software. Then, open the program, login, and download all of your account’s information.

On the left-hand side of the pane, you’ll see a tree view of your entire account’s assets. This section is how you can navigate through everything you manage and duplicate campaigns between accounts.

There’s also a search bar where you can see all the assets within a portion of your account. For example, you could navigate through your negative keywords for every part of the accounts you manage.

Edit panel
The far-right pane, where the editing magic happens

The middle pane displays all the selected data, and the far-right pane is where you can make your edits.

Check out this article for a comprehensive rundown of using Google ads editor.

Algorithmic Global manages Google Ads

Using the Google ads editor is just one tool in the toolkit we use during Google ads management. It allows for bulk changes, saving time by enabling updates for multiple fields at once without numerous page loads.

It’s a valuable tool most people don’t utilize. It isn’t something used every day, but worth having in the arsenal for the right situations.

Algorithmic Global used the Google ads editor while managing Google ads for industries as varied as restoration to book publishing. Reach out via our contact page if you are interested in hearing more about what we can do for you!


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