Ignite Insurance Restoration Leads With 2 Useful Platforms

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Skyrocket your restoration company’s business with insurance restoration leads from Facebook and Linkedin!

The leading restoration companies are aware of the growth that comes with working directly for insurance programs. When you partner with an insurance company, you will grow more revenue, achieve higher profit margins, open up new markets, and generate more insurance restoration leads.

Getting on an insurance carrier preferred contractor program.

The trend for the past few decades in the restoration industry is for insurance companies to allow management for the claims process to a Third Party Administrator (TPA).

Alacrity is a TPA for insurance leads

The most popular TPA firms in the restoration industry are Alacrity, Code Blue, Crawford Contractor Connection, and IMACC.  

The easiest way a restoration contractor will become a preferred vendor for a TPA is to be full service. A TPA is looking to partner with restoration contractors, distinguished from the competition, that they can rely on to finish a job from start to finish.

What is a full-service restoration company? 

A full-service restoration company is one that will not only perform the fire/water/or mold damage cleaning but will also perform the reconstruction repairs. The best restoration companies are trusted to handle jobs from start to finish, no matter the size of the restoration damages. 

If your business solely performs mitigation services, you will have a much harder time getting on a preferred contractor program. When multiple contractors work on a single insurance claim, information can get lost between two different contracting companies and make the claims process a colossal headache. The restoration industry is moving towards all restoration contractors being full-service; you might as well join the party.   

The companies that have already started being full service, offering both mitigation and construction services, have an easier time being selected as a preferred contractor amongst insurance companies. To start bringing in the insurance restoration leads, you will want to stand out from the competition.  

Standing out from the competition

Getting in the eyes of a third-party administrator will be challenging when competing against some of the industry’s biggest names (SERVPRO, Paul Davis, 911 Restoration). What if there was a workaround to getting your independent restoration company seen?

As restoration marketing professionals, we can help you get your brand exposed to those in control of choosing if TPA partners with your restoration business. 

Before we go into our digital insurance restoration lead tactics and getting your business the right exposure, we want to ensure that you have the proper credentials to show off. 

Take a look at your business in the eyes of a claims professional

You want to separate yourself from other businesses in the restoration industry by showing TPA’s that you are a top tier company delivering exceptional service. If you are a new restoration business, you can look into community service awards. 

Once you start getting more completed work accomplished, you can look to get awarded for a high number of completed, processed claims. 

Then you will want to know what separates your restoration business from other companies–you may want to partner with a digital marketing company to help you establish what truly separates your business. 

Insurance restoration leads through digital marketing 

The digital marketing company you partner with should help you clearly define what will separate you from the competition. With their help, you can gather all of your awards and certifications to market to the TPA professionals. When it comes to looking for more contracts, you will want to reach out to the TPA professionals that approve contracts in your area, but how? 

Use social media marketing to get more insurance restoration leads

2 platforms for insurance restoration leads: Facebook and Linkedin

Facebook and LinkedIn are two great avenues to get your business seen by the right audience. Many restoration businesses try to use Facebook and LinkedIn without a clear understanding of their target audience’s wants, traffic behavior, or even how the platform is different from other forms of advertising and lead generation.

Know what TPA’s are looking for

TPA’s aren’t usually looking for partnerships on Facebook or LinkedIn, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. They get on these two powerful platforms to connect with family and business colleagues. With the right content, the restoration digital marketing professionals at Algorithmic Global believe that you can get new insurance restoration leads and make new connections along the way. 

3 types of content TPA’s are looking for:

Video content being recordedEducational content

Educate insurance agents and TPA’s about your restoration business. If you create content on something that they were not aware of, they may choose you as a vendor and provide you with more insurance restoration leads.  

Before and after content 

Do a walkthrough of the damage before your business performs a restoration job, telling the audience the story of how the damage occurred and the planned mitigation process. Once the mitigation services are complete, showcase the quality of work that your business provided for reconstruction. Your before and after video will build credibility, trust, and, more importantly, insurance restoration leads. 

Show off your awards

Earlier, we discussed the power of knowing what separates you from your competition. Your awards and certifications are going to be a great marketing ploy to TPA’s. You can post awards on your website and create LinkedIn and Facebook ads that demonstrate your business’s awards. 


TPAs are vital in the restoration business; now you know how they can help you get more insurance restoration leads. Call Algorithmic Global today if you are looking to partner with a company that can get your business in the right audience’s eyes and brings you more insurance restoration leads.

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