Outsourcing SEM? 2 Unique Ways Marketing Professionals Help!

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The choice of outsourcing SEM often comes down to whether learning the skill is worth the time investment.

Business professionals searching for new leads can’t deny the benefits offered by search engines, notably Google. Once the avenue for new leads has been identified, the question becomes: is outsourcing SEM a worthwhile investment?

SEM stands for search engine marketing. Generally speaking, it involves both SEO (search engine optimization) and PPC (pay-per-click).

This article will outline what outsourcing SEM looks like–a resource for those considering using Google for new leads and unsure about what outsourcing SEM would look like!

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Search engines = Google

Google has over 86% of search volume worldwide. When people refer to search engine marketing (SEM), it’s safe to assume that the search engine is Google.

Likewise, most professionals who help companies outsourcing SEM are doing so on Google. After all, that’s where the traffic is!

Algorithmic Global specializes in helping restoration businesses interested in outsourcing SEM. From here on out, examples will mention the restoration business, but any business can apply these lessons. The goals are the same: more paying customers. It can be through lead generation or sales, but the overall goal of outsourcing SEM remains the same:

Leverage the massive user base of Google for profit.

Outsourcing SEM: 2 Ways

There are two broad categories of outsourcing SEM services of interest: SEO and PPC. They’re different ways of doing the same thing: finding the people searching for your products or services and directing them to your business.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization involves adjusting or rewriting website content, so Google’s algorithm ranks it higher on the results page.

For restoration businesses, one of the first steps in outsourcing SEM is making sure the location pages and tags are in order. That way, Google knows the appropriate regions where your content shows. 

There’s backlinking, which is how many other sites link to yours. Backlinks are a powerful signal to Google that your content is relevant. 

There’s also the content portion. Website content includes copywriting, keyword research, and optimization of each post. For example, a restoration business might want to rank for the keyword “water damage restoration.” Published content on their website would include this keyword in hopes Google serves the page to local searchers.

There’s also the clearing of old deleted pages, ensuring files are the correct size, as well as a host of other red flags that Google will penalize if not addressed.

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Pay-per-click (PPC)

Pay per click is the acronym that involves paid advertising on Google. Let’s go back to the “water damage restoration” keyword: there could be a ton of high-quality content focused on that keyword, making new content extremely difficult to rank.

That’s where PPC comes in. Restoration businesses can bid on that keyword and show above the organic search results, paying for each click.

There are several different ad types and goals, from display ads for brand awareness to text ads for sales (the “water damage restoration” example would, in theory, be a text ad for sales).

When outsourcing SEM and looking at PPC, one of the first steps is to highlight which services or products the company offers and make ads that drive traffic to those offerings. 

It involves keyword research, copywriting, and budget management. Companies interested in outsourcing SEM should be clear about their goals and about how much they’re willing to spend on advertising.

Is outsourcing SEM the right decision?

SEM covers two broad topics: SEO and PPC. Each of these subtopics has numerous strategies, all of which take time to learn.

Outsourcing SEM is the right decision for you if you find yourself wanting to take advantage of Google for more business but not knowing where to start.

Even if you know where to start, there’s a substantial time investment–time that could be better served in other areas of your business.

Our restoration clients who decided in favor of outsourcing SEM view the service as taking some of their workloads off their plate. Instead of looking for new leads, they can focus on helping their clients recover from a disaster.

Outsourcing SEM with Algorithmic Global

Outsourcing SEM means your SEO and PPC efforts–your website content and paid advertising strategy–are optimized for the digital age.

With how much traffic Google handles daily, outsourcing SEM means dealing with the search giant, ensuring every aspect of a company’s digital presence is ready and available for the search results page.

SEM can be a powerful tool for generating new leads, and outsourcing SEM can help you focus more on your business.

The team at Algorithmic Global can help if you are interested in outsourcing SEM! Reach out to us via our contact page, and our experienced team will follow up with you and find out how we can work together on your digital marketing.

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