Get Your Blog Posts Indexed on Google Fast: 5 Simple Tips

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The professionals at Algorithmic Global post multiple blogs a week to various websites and understand the importance of getting blog posts indexed as fast as possible!

Are you looking to get blog posts indexed as fast as possible? If so, then we have the perfect blog post for you! The following article will discuss five tips that will get your blog posts indexed by Google more quickly. 

We will also walk through what each tip about getting your blog posts indexed entails and how it can benefit your blog’s SEO efforts. So let’s get started!

How long does it take for Google to index a new blog post?

There seems to be a delay when a new well-created blog post on your website shows up in the search results. This lag is because Google crawls billions of pages a day, and the post coming from a more authoritative website will have a higher crawl budget when compared to a new website.

The average blog post can take anywhere from 4 days to a month depending on the following factors:

  • Website structure
  • Site speed
  • Hosting
  • Domain authority
  • Number of backlinks

The indexed request page on Google Search Console

5 Tips to get your blog posts indexed fast

1) Make sure you use the robots.txt file and sitemap properly. 

The robots.txt file lives in the root file of your website. To check and see your current robots.txt file, go to “yourwebsite” .com/robots.txt. 

Include your sitemap in the robots.txt file. In addition, your site map should be well organized and include a specific post sitemap. 

2) Utilize Google Search Console

Google search console is a free tool from Google that allows you to see your content’s performance. You can also use this tool to request a blog post or page to get re-indexed if the content has recently been updated. 

To get your content indexed through the Google Search Console, type in the URL in the search box and request indexing. Requesting indexing may take up to two minutes. After Google receives your request, you will see a checkmark stating that “index requested.”

3) Share the new blog posts on social media.

Sharing content on social media is a great way to drive traffic to your website; both Twitter and Facebook have proven to be the two best social media channels to share new blog posts. Consistent traffic tells search engines like Google that you have created a new blog post.

4) Post on a schedule

A content calendar app on phone

When a website is consistently updated, Google crawlers index your site more frequently.

Search engines prioritize routine and regularity. When you create a content schedule for your new blog posts, Google crawlers will see that your content has been regularly updated, shared, and linked to both internal pages and other pages on the internet. 

5) Know your keyword and use it strategically

Before writing a new blog post, know the keyword you are looking to rank and use it strategically throughout your new content. The keyword research that you perform should consider the content on competitor’s websites. 

Include your chosen keyword in the title, meta description, and use it throughout your content. Strategically including your keyword will increase your chances of ranking on SERPS and helps Google get your blog posts indexed fast.

Wrapping up

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We hope you enjoyed learning about the tips to help get your new blog posts indexed quicker by significant search engines like Google.

The professionals at Algorithmic Global provide digital marketing services to restoration clients and are always open to new partnerships. We believe that all restoration businesses should be utilizing a creative content strategy!
Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are looking for help creating content that ranks on Google.

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