Business Phone Number: 1 Minor Change’s Disastrous Effects

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Business phone number

Businesses often don’t think about how changing their business phone number can have huge impacts on SEO, so they are left in the dark when these changes happen.

Changing a business phone number can happen within less than an hour, and most of the time, the business owner is confident that it will be an easy process that won’t cause much of a fuss. Oh, what a big mistake that thought process is!

The professionals at Algorithmic Global have seen firsthand the SEO impact of changing a business phone number. 

In the following blog post, we will go over a few things to think about before you change your business phone number. If you want to avoid any negative consequences from switching numbers, please keep the following recommendations in mind!

The purpose of a business phone number

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A business phone number is an essential aspect of every business. With a business phone number, customers can quickly contact the company for various reasons—most importantly, customer service and sales.

Businesses without a phone number are at risk of losing customers—potential clients won’t be able to reach the company with any questions or concerns. Business owners should have a dedicated line that makes it possible for all customers to get in touch with them regarding orders, services, and so much more!

If you are starting a new business, you must make sure you choose a phone number that you plan to stick with for the years to come. But, no matter the number that you choose, it needs to be easily accessible on the internet.

The best way to ensure that your phone number is showing correctly on the internet will be to create a Google My Business listing. Google My Business is a powerful tool that includes a business’s NAP (name, address, phone number) and helps increase a company’s chances of showing at the top of local search results.

How changing your business phone number can hurt SEO.

Graph showing a decline in traffic due to NAP inconsistency.

Changing your phone number may seem like an easy task. You start by changing your phone number throughout your website and then changing your Google My Business Page. Easy enough, right?

Most business owners forget to acknowledge backlinks and citations before they change their business phone number. Citations are online locations that feature a business’s NAP. Common citations include places like Yelp, Facebook, and the Better Business Bureau. If you have hired SEO professionals in the past, there’s a good chance that you have hundreds of citations on the internet for your business.

Google and other top search engines credit businesses with consistent NAP. So, when you decide to change your business phone number without considering your current citations, you will risk the chance of negatively impacting past SEO efforts and falling in the rankings.

Wrapping up

Your overall goal should be preserving NAP consistency online. The adverse SEO effects when changing a business phone number will likely not happen all of a sudden. 

Still, they will happen if the person making the change doesn’t also edit current business citations when changing a business phone number.
It would be a good idea to consult with a digital marketing agency before you decide to change your business phone number. The right digital marketing team will have the capability to deliver a citation report to ensure consistent NAP. In addition, the right strategy will ensure that the previous SEO efforts are not compromised before changing the business phone number.

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