5 Great GMB Posts Tips to Maximize Visibility

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The best local SEO strategies include consistent GMB posts.

Did you know that Google My Business posts are becoming more and more popular? If you want to rank for a keyword on the first page of Google, you must have an active and optimized GMB profile

If your company has not yet started posting to GMB, this blog post will provide five great tips for maximizing visibility through this largely untapped channel.

What are Google My Business posts?

Screen shot after choosing to create first GMB Post on Google My Business platform.

When you log into your GMB account, you will see a tab called “Posts.” Adding GMB Posts is accessible to anyone that owns a Google My Business profile. GMB professionals should use this location to add unique content from the company. 

The best part about GMB posts? They show up on both Google search and Maps! Google posts are essential to a GMB profile, and the more quality posts on Google My Business, the better.

When a company posts on their GMB, they will add credibility for potential customers by demonstrating expertise and knowledge about what product or service a customer may need. 

Types of posts to include:

  • Announcing upcoming events
  • Highlighting new products and services
  • Updating company news
  • Showing new special offers

What are quality GMB posts?

Quality control written out for GMB posts

Quality GMB posts are posts that provide valuable and helpful information about a company or its product. Quality posts should be informative, educational, entertaining, creative, and authentic.

The primary goal for companies to post on GMB is to increase visibility through “quality” content creation when there’s not much competition within their industry niche. By doing so, they can capitalize on search engine traffic by showing up first on the organic results pages for converting keywords.

When it comes down to what kind of businesses should focus on GMB posts, any company with an active profile will benefit from adding more quality content to their profile.

5 Tips for Google My Business Posting

  1. Create original content
  2. Optimize call to actions
  3. Post regularly
  4. Be professional
  5. Follow Google’s posting rules

The power of original content

When creating GMB posts, don’t include stock images or videos. Stock images are images that are available for reuse in different contexts. Instead, have original images that someone within your business took.

Outside of images and videos, ensure that your copywriting is original. Google knows when your copywriting comes from another location on the web. If you want to check your copywriting, you can use the Grammarly plagiarizer checker and see if your content is found anywhere else online.

How to optimize call to actions in GMB posts?

List of call to actions allowed on GMB posts.

In your Google my Business posts, you will want to include content that engages that audience while improving your local search positions. Include a call to action button in each of your GMB posts. Below are CTA options to include in your GMB posts:

  • Learn more
  • Buy
  • Order online
  • Sign up
  • Call now

How often should you post on your Google My Business page?

The frequency of GMB posts will depend on the company’s business and marketing strategy.

Generally speaking, it is best to post at least once per week to maintain Google rankings. A great way to drive up interest for your GMB posting content can be accomplished by sharing links from your Facebook page onto your GMB profile so that they appear within the “Featured Posts” section on mobile device searches!

In addition, make sure all new blog posts are shared across social media channels and uploaded as featured posts onto your GMB account with a short description or link back to the original article. Cross-posting allows people who are searching for your product or service to find your business quickly.

Write professional content in your GMB posts

Professional writer writing a blog post for GMB

In each GMB post, you have up to 1,500 characters allowed in the post. The SEO professionals at Algorithmic Global suggest you use as many of the permitted characters as possible because it will enhance your chance to make your GMB post more keyword dense and include more keyword variations. 

The content that you write needs to be written in a way that is useful to the reader. Write about the topic where you are a leading professional. For example, if you are writing a GMB post for a restoration company, you will want to ensure that it is clear why a customer should hire your business for their restoration project. A restoration customer wants quick answers to solve their problems or mitigate the disaster.

Google’s GMB posting Guidelines

Regulations written out to specify the importance of following Googles GMB posting regulations

In this article, you will find Google’s guidelines for GMB posts. The following are the key takeaways from Google to ensure your GMB posts are published:

  • Do not include a phone number
  • Avoid misspellings, gimmicky characters, gibberish, and automated or distracting content.
  • Keep your posts respectful: Do not use profanity or offensive language.
  • Only post links to websites you trust
  • Keep your posts family-friendly

Develop a local SEO strategy with Algorithmic Global

The professionals at Algorithmic Global have partnered with multiple restoration contractors throughout the United States to help them gain local exposure. GMB posts are powerful but just one tool in a local SEO strategy.
When you partner with our SEO professionals, we will start with an SEO audit on your website and Google My Business page to ensure your business is optimized for more local and national exposure. Contact us today for a free consultation!

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