Logo Optimization: 3 Great Attributes of An Optimized Logo

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Businesses that prioritize logo optimization have a greater chance of showing up in Google search results.

A logo is the visual representation of a company or organization. A logo can be simple or complex, text-based or pictorial, but it must be instantly recognizable as belonging to a brand. However, companies often overlook logos during their early stages because they’re so focused on the “big picture” and don’t realize how vital logo design can be for branding, recognition, and search results.

The professionals at Algorithmic Global make sure that all the businesses they work with get the most exposure possible. Therefore, we put together the following blog post so that others know what logo optimization entails. So, without further ado, let’s get right into logo optimization!

What is logo optimization?

Logo optimization is the process of editing your logo to get the most exposure from search engines. Google and other search engines are very particular when showing a logo online. The three logo attributes below will ensure that your logo will appear when someone searches for your business.

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Why does logo optimization matter?

A logo is arguably the most fundamental part of business branding. Having an optimized logo is crucial because it shows that you take your brand seriously. It’s also important because your logo will appear in search engines when people search for your brand. 

Lastly, search engines like Google will not show your logo if it is not optimized for the search engine results page. 

Three great attributes of an optimized logo

We are about to break down the three essential attributes of logo optimization, but before we do, we want you to look at your current logo and see if it passes the first optimization test.

Preliminary logo optimization test: Does your logo have a lot of white or grey color tones?

If so, then your logo is not optimized for Google.

An optimized logo will display well on white backgrounds, as required by Google schema markup guidelines.

If you answered no, then congratulations, you passed the preliminary test!

Now, the three main aspects of an optimized logo: 

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  1. ALT Text 

Alternative text is an essential aspect of logo optimization because it tells the search engine details about the image. Having alternative text helps search engines determine context and relevance, which in turn will get your logo ranked higher when someone searches for your brand.

Alt text also helps those who are visually impaired and who use screen readers. It will tell them what the logo is and help them determine if it pertains to their query or not.

  1. Link & Title Attributes 

When linking your logo, it should link back to the homepage to ensure that it gets exposure in search results and on sites that share or link to your logo.

The title tag is significant because it helps search engines understand the logo and who owns the digital property. Therefore, when titling a logo, you should consider naming it something close to what you made the alt text.

  1. The logo size

A logo that’s too big or too small will not be search-friendly. To ensure that Google shows your logo on the SERPs, create or modify your logo to be 112×112 pixels.

Wrapping up

There you have it! The three essential elements of logo optimization. Knowing how logo optimization works can help your logo reach its full potential and get more exposure for your brand. As long as you keep these three aspects in mind, logo optimization should be a cinch. 

If you’d like to find out more about logo optimization, feel free to contact the search engine experts at Algorithmic Global! We are a global digital marketing agency specializing in helping restoration companies gain more fire, mold, and water damage leads

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