Webstore SEO: The Best Results Include These 5 Basic Things!

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An optimized webstore can bring you more organic search traffic–don’t rely solely on advertisements and links!

The overarching goal of an E-commerce site is to get more sales. In this current digital climate, Amazon’s dominance in the e-commerce space makes selling online increasingly tricky for independent webstore owners. This environment makes webstore SEO–the ability for search engines to find your webstore–a crucial aspect of any e-commerce strategy.

Social media advertising for more webstore traffic

Social media advertising is a great place to get more brand exposure and push new customers to your webstore. Even the best social media advertising campaign can’t help drive sales if your webstore SEO is not up to par.  

In this blog post, we will be going over five basic webstore SEO techniques to boost your search engine results and launch your brand ahead of the competition.

  1. Webstore Speed

Hourglass timing a webstores page speed

Has being on a slow website ever annoyed you? It’s known that a website’s speed plays a crucial role in its bounce rate–slow websites will have a higher bounce rate because users do not like to wait for a website to load. Page speed is the number one webstore SEO factor. 

Page speed refers to the amount of time that a page needs to be completely loaded. The rate of your webstore loads will depend on several factors ranging from where the site is hosted, how optimized the images are, and java and CSS limiting. Optimizing your webstore SEO by increasing your page speed will directly impact your conversions and search rankings. 

Use https://gtmetrix.com/ to check the speed of your webstore. They provide an initial assessment of your website’s speed and other potential issues.

  1. Optimize for mobile

Smartphones are ubiquitous in this day and age. A smartphone makes online purchasing more accessible at all times of the day, regardless of location. With the advances in smartphone technology, it’s clear when webstore SEO isn’t optimized for mobile devices.

In your Google Search Console, you will find AMP (accelerated mobile pages) in Google’s mobile index. AMP can significantly boost page speeds on mobile devices. Find out more about AMP for webstore SEO in the detailed guide by Yoast.

  1. Know your keywords and phrases

Another significant part of webstore SEO is knowing what phrases and keywords customers are using when searching for your products and related products online. 

The best way to find out what keywords link to your website is by utilizing the Google Search console. Search console will give you a list of all the keywords that are attracting customers to your webstore.

For similar products, you can use an online keyword analysis tool like the keyword magic tool offered by SEMRush. The keyword magic tool will reveal which keywords related to your products get the most traffic from search engine users. 

  1. Onpage Optimization

It is webstore SEO best practice to make sure the product descriptions match your targeted keyword phrases. Include the keyword search phrase at the beginning of the product description and variations naturally throughout the text. Avoid duplicate content when writing content on various product pages. 

When you analyze the product names and photo captions of your webstore, be sure they include the key phrase. Use one H1 and H2 tag for each unique product page because it will help search engines know the product on that particular page.

  1. Product Reviews
Algorithmic Global digital marketing project

Display product reviews underneath each product on the webpage. Reviews are beneficial for your webstore SEO because long-tail keywords show up within user reviews. 

Outside of gaining new keywords, product reviews also place trust in your products and your brand. The first thing a new customer typically looks for when buying a new product is reviews. Prioritize your product reviews for both future customers and webstore SEO. 

The Webstore SEO Takeaway

Fixing and implementing webstore SEO techniques found in this article are an excellent foundation for your website’s success on search engines and getting ahead of the competition. Contact us today if you need any help managing your website or webstore SEO.

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