9 Revolutionary Items On Product Schema For E-commerce Websites

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Product Schema infographic

Including product schema makeup on your e-commerce website ensures your search listing stands out in the SERPS. Our data shows that rich results dramatically improve the click-through rate!

If you don’t know what product schema is, you’re not alone– it’s an industry-specific term about how search engines index websites. 

Product schema markup is a combined effort taken by all major search engines in 2011 to add rich data to websites correctly. 

One thing to note: there’s a difference between product schema and rich snippets; schema markup is what is applied to a website, while rich snippets appear on the SERPs (search engine results page) because of the schema.  

More about rich snippets

Rich snippets are also known as rich data, rich meta, and metadata. They are pieces of code embedded into a webpage giving a search engine additional data about the page. Search engines use rich snippets to display rich results in the SERPS. 

Algorithmic Global digital marketing projectRich data for a Yamaha HS5 monitor found on Google SERPs.

How to manually input product schema

Inputting product schema into a website requires some basic understanding of web development. When looking at the back end of the code of a website you will be able to see how a web developer has inserted the schema code. For all e-commerce websites, you will want to include the product schema markup code in the backend of the website. 

Product schema code on google
The schema for the product page on Guitar Center

Using the Google Structured Data Testing Tool, we analyzed how Guitar Center has updated its schema for product pages. Above is an example of how Guitar Center marked up a pair of Yamaha HS5 monitor speakers.

The easiest way to properly place the code in the code will be by following the schema website. The schema website will show you how to markup all the different pages a website may have.

The Best Plugin for Schema Markup

The team at Algorithmic Global has worked on the product schema of numerous websites and has found Rankmath to be the best schema plugin. Hands down, Rankmath is the best SEO plugin out right now.

The Rankmath plugin has the power to take care of the following schema types: 

  • None
  • Article
  • Book
  • Course
  • Event
  • Job Posting
  • Music
  • Product
  • Recipe
  • Restaurant
  • Video
  • Person
  • Review
  • Service
  • Software Application

Using a powerful plugin like Rankmath will save time over manually placing the schema code into your website. However, SEO professionals should know how to manually insert product schema before relying on a plugin. Plugins make life easier but can also slow down and cause a site to crash. 

So far, we have not run into any issues with the Rankmath plugin, hence why we advocate for it.

Adding Product Schema On Rankmath  

Rankmath allows you to add the following 9 items in a products rich snippet 

  1. Headline 
  2. Review 
  3. Description 
  4. Product SKU 
  5. Product Brand 
  6. Product Currency 
  7. Product Price 
  8. Product In-Stock 
  9. Product Rating 

Product Schema for Google 

As mentioned above, product schema markup is for the benefit of all search engines. There is no difference in marking up a website for Big G over any of the others. When looking at product schema and search engine optimization, we focus on Google since they are the leading search engine in the United States. 

Algorithmic Global


The goal of an e-commerce website is to bring in new leads and to convert them to customers. Product schema for e-commerce is one SEO aspect of making these conversions happen. 

Algorithmic Global works on all types of websites, specializing in bringing more conversions through data-driven techniques. Contact us today if you are a company interested in increasing your website’s potency by adding product schema.

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