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Why Companies Should Invest In An SEO Copywriter

Published by Algorithmic Global on

Several businesses tend to mix SEO content writing with SEO copywriting, which is common as both writing styles work hand in hand in branding and showcasing a business website.

Content writing focuses on educating, informing, inspiring, and building relationships, while copywriting is meant to inspire action, so the goal behind SEO content writing is to generate organic traffic via search engines and copywriting is to convert traffic into leads and sales. Understanding the distinction between the two will help businesses determine which writing style to use to prevent any subpar results.

Algorithmic Global digital marketing project

According to 2020 B2C Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets & Trends, the most successful marketers dedicated at least 56% of their marketing budget to content, and 81% of B2C marketers agree that their organization is concerned with creating content that builds loyalty with existing clients/customers. Since most businesses are investing in copywriting, this indicates that those who are not on board will risk falling behind the competitors who are using it.

Don’t ask the electrician to paint your house

Your electrician may be a lovely person and excellent at his or her job, but that doesn’t mean you should let him or her advise you on the best quality outdoor paint, let alone take a roller to your home. 

Most businesses ask its Administrative Assistant or Marketing Coordinator to write its new website copy, sales brochure, and sales presentation. This is a terrible practice as copywriters, and professional writers are exactly that: professionals. You pay the electrician because he or she specializes in all things electrical, such as maintaining and repairing electrical lines, and businesses should hire a professional writer for its business content, writing, editing, and copywriting needs because that writer eats, sleeps, and breathes words.

Hiring a copywriter is an excellent approach for every single business when it comes to designing exceptional web copy. Leaving content in the hands of a proficient word specialist will result in numerous traffic, leads, and sales, so invest in one today.


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