Are Yelp Reviews The #1 Secret For Fast Business Growth?

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Yelp reviews

Yelp reviews and Google My Business reviews do not carry the same weight on Google SERPs.

Business reviews are the talk of the town. Many digital marketing experts consider them as an ideal way to get your business seen in local searches. These days, it’s essential for your business to show up on two popular platforms: Google My Business (GMB) and Yelp.

Some people claim that Yelp reviews are more important than Google for local businesses; for this reason and to clear up any questions you may have, we have created this blog post! 

This article will discuss the importance of having both Google and Yelp reviews and the type of optimized review that translates best into a prime spot on Google’s search engine results page (SERP). By the end, we hope you can use these tips for increased success with your business reviews for years to come!

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Google My Business reviews vs. Yelp reviews

Both Google My Business and Yelp are platforms where your business should show up for people looking for your products or services. To be effective, you must have reviews written by customers in your service areas for quality search ranking.

The main difference between Yelp reviews and Google reviews is how they are displayed. 

Yelp reviews 

By encouraging the use of Yelp reviews, you are adding reviews to one of your business’s top citation areas. In addition, this data about your local area can help improve your site’s rank in Google due to their use to measure how reliable a business is in a particular location.

GMB reviews 

Google My Business is the most popular platform for viewing business reviews. Customers commonly use Google search results to measure the reliability of a business. The cool thing about Google My Business reviews is that they also show up on Google maps. 

To ensure your reviews are reliable, optimize your Google and Yelp reviews by responding to all reviews your business receives, whether positive or negative. Even a simple “Thanks for your feedback!” goes a long way in establishing trust.

Business reviews in Google search results

One thing to note: top SERPs don’t show Yelp reviews for various reasons, including damaging press, high spam rates, and possible penalties.

A screen shot of yelp's domain authority.

However, suppose you’re serious about ranking your website at the top of major search engines like Google. In that case, you must get more Yelp reviews to help accomplish this—Yelp’s website has a domain authority score of 93, according to Moz, which means Google sees it as a reputable source.

Have you verified your Yelp profile on Google My Business?

To have a well-optimized Google My Business page, you need to have a verified Yelp profile linked to your GMB page. When you add your Yelp listing to your Google My Business, it sends signals back and forth between the sites. When someone searches for your company on Google, they can see review rankings from Google and Yelp.

Wrapping up

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We hope you enjoyed learning about the difference between yelp reviews and Google reviews. As you can see, Yelp is more effective in building citation authority, but Google My Business has higher results that span across different areas and cities.

A focus on Google My Business is the best choice for small businesses, for now. Yelp has excellent benefits like knowing what customers are saying, but it’s not as powerful as its counterpart on Google. Still, consider creating a Yelp profile for more Yelp reviews because Yelp is great for citations and has advertising features proven to be successful for specific markets.

If you want your business shown on a bigger scale, it’s best to hyperfocus on Google Reviews and to contact digital marketing professionals that specialize in helping companies show up at the top of Google SERPs. 

Questions and feedback are always welcome! Please feel free to leave a comment or contact us on our contact page!

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