Our Services

COpywriting - SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the term used for strategy and content designed to organically improve search engine rankings.

Search engines display links to pages they consider relevant and up to date. SEO focuses on all of the unpaid means of gathering organic search traffic by optimizing content and polishing up code and meta information.

Menu Development

Menu development is an art and collaboration. We understand how customers read menus. With strong copy, you can get your customers to order the menu items that are most profitable to your business. Remember, your menu is your most important sales tool, so a well-written and well-branded and designed menu is essential to the success of your restaurant.

Your menu needs to be interesting enough to draw customers into your operation. As well, your menu needs to create opportunities for you to get those customers to spend as much as possible. An eye-catching menu designed to attract attention, that portrays your brand, and sells your most profitable items is guaranteed to bring in more attention.

Brochure Writing

If you’re investing in a brochure, it’s worth taking the time to make sure the words are exactly right. Different from digital, there’s no turning back once your documents have been printed.

Algorithmic Global works closely with designers to provide content that creates just the right image for your business while including all of your key messages. We will ensure that the content clearly describes the benefits of your products and services. We will make sure that everything is absolutely perfect including the grammar and punctuation.

Once the project is finished you will be receiving a sales tool you’ll be proud to hand out.

Contract Drafting & Negotiation

Business contracts are complex agreements. If drafted properly, they can secure the prosperity of your venture. However, if the terms of a contract are flawed and overlooked, a business can lose thousands – if not millions – of dollars and possibly end up in a lengthy legal battle. Our team helps business owners create, review and negotiate the terms of a corporate contract to protect their rights and ensure transactions run smoothly.

Other Services Include:

Digital Advertising on today's web goes well beyond banner ads and basic targeting. Technology and software have made it possible to zero in on prospects based on various criteria such as intent, engagement patterns, and their stage in the sales funnel.

These insights and data can then be used across a wide variety of advertising strategies from display ads, search engine marketing (SEM) and SEO, pay-per-click (PPC), social media ads, mobile and affiliate marketing, and more.

Digital Advertising

Business is measured by relationships.

Our Marketing Services Include:

  • Digital Marketing (Google Ads, Social Media)
  • Discussing your goals
  • Marketing plan and Campaign
  • Marketing budget
  • Launching of Campaign

Algorithmic Global will put together an algorithmic marketing campaign that will help you gain new customers, keep your regular customers coming back, and increase business and visibility altogether.

Our algorithmic marketing plan will meet your needs and your budget.

A well-designed marketing and promotion strategy will provide your operations with a distinct advantage over the competition, especially if innovative marketing solutions are applied to getting your word in the marketplace. A creative approach to marketing would substantially increase your bottom line - guaranteed.

Web Design

A website today that isn't mobile friendly will only drive your visitors to your competitors. Algorithmic Global will work with your business to build a website that seamlessly adapts to every device and screen size.

Algorithmic Global builds beautiful websites that drive profit for your business. Our custom websites are designed to attract ideal clients or customers for your business. Our process ensures that your website is made to drive key business metrics specific to your marketing goals.

Why choose responsive design? Simple.

Google and several other search engines have started to removed non-mobile friendly websites from mobile search results. By upgrading to a responsive design structure, you'll gain more traffic across mobile devices and provide a better user experience to your mobile visitors.

  • A seamless and fluid layout keeps users engaged and provides a better overall experience
  • One website means less maintenance and less time needed to make updates
  • Higher optimization will boost organic search results – driving more visitors to the website

Our Websites are Mobile-friendly on all devices.

Choosing Responsive Website Design (RWD) allows a website to be built in one location that seamlessly adapts to all devices. It’s cheaper and more efficient to manage, better for user experience, and embraced by Google and other large companies such as the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) as the modern web development standard.

We are aware that the majority of web searches originate from mobile devices, so we approach website design with a mobile-first (or mobile-equal) mindset. Our websites will look great and perform well on phones, tablets, or desktops so that customers can find you any time.

If business challenges are blocking your path to profitability and growth, consider the consulting services from Algorithmic Global. We offer the expertise in managing all of the operations and functions that will help your business achieve its highest level of long-term success.

Algorithmic Global provides business-planning consulting. By offering knowledge of your industry and an understanding of your competitors, we’ll provide the solutions you need to establish—or re-establish—your business as a leader in its industry.

Business Consulting

Whether you are starting a new venture, or looking to improve the performance of your existing business, let us show you the right perspective.

Our business planning services include:

  • Contract Drafting
  • Business plans and start-ups
  • Profit and loss forecasts
  • Product pricing and costing decisions
  • Business succession planning
  • Business performance measurement
Using different analyses we will be able to compare your company’s financial ratios against industry standards and prepare easy-to-understand presentations.

Many organizations have the technical expertise, marketing strategies, and vision to drive future financial success. But without a strong framework to support these endeavors, the potential for failure can be all too real.

Algorithmic Global business planning services provide the structure needed to ensure your company's success. Through better understanding your business, our business consulting team can help by preparing a detailed business plan for your current operations and your future prospects and plans.

Algorithmic Global will help develop an analytical reporting package that fits your needs. Our in-depth knowledge of processes such as return on investment (ROI) studies, break-even analysis, pricing models, and flowcharting allows our team to develop a plan to heighten your company's success.