Hosting Your Own Event

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Posted by Sadie Lulei

There are times when the best possible way to share your product or service is through a gathering of like-minded artists or business types. The brainstorming of several individuals in one setting can inspire ideas for weeks to come. But planning an event isn’t at easy as it seems. It requires money, a location to hold it, and the ability to network with the kind of people the event is oriented towards. Algorithmic Global has been participating in events coordinated by Benny Taheri, the manager of our local coffee shop, Coffee Republic. Trust me, we’ve learned a lot so far.

For one, we lent our Content Director to the cause. She filmed candid shots and interviews, as well as took pictures of people candidly enjoying the event. Lukas, Kate, and Andrew all gathered to support the event and, in turn, ended up meeting a lot of the local creatives who are connected to Benny. It seemed like that was the first vital step in the creation of this event: Benny has many supporters. How, you might wonder, can someone attract enough supporters to fire off a series of enticing, exciting events?

It seems that authenticity- a familiar theme in Algorithmic Global- is the core of the connection. If you were to visit Benny’s Instagram account (@basementbenny) you would see how high his level of engagements are on each post. Similarly, you would see how honest and compelled he is when sharing his story of growth. It seems that many of his supporters, willing to jump at a chance to go to one of his events, have seen the growth of Benny as an artist and person in general.

Algorithmic Global was very interested in the idea of this, so we implored Benny to teach us more about the ways in which we can connect with a recurring audience. We joined him last night as he set up for the second of his self-created events, Brews n’ Baps. He stood tall on a latter, wiping down windows, and crouched down, wiping the lower walls. His hard work was obvious the entire time we spoke with him. He explained how people want events like this to happen, but it takes a hardworking, connected to person to bring that vision to life. Throughout today the Algorithmic Global team will be filming, photographing, and networking with the local artists that join together from Benny’s hard work. Make sure to check back later and read the update blog post after the event is over. For now, it’s time for us to learn about what it takes to hold your own event, and what occurs from that experience.


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