10 Instagram Call to Action Power Words For Greater Conversions

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Using the correct power words in your Instagram call to action and colors in your post will increase profile exposure.  

Instagram is an excellent platform for businesses to increase their brand awareness and drive sales. On your business profile, you will be able to include posts that include high-quality images, hashtags, and copywriting about your service or product. 

Include a call to action (CTA) when writing any copy on your Instagram page. Adding an Instagram call to action will entice any customer that sees your Instagram content to do some sort of action, likely to go to your business website. 

An excellent example of an Instagram call to action would be when an author’s Instagram profile uses the following call to action copy throughout their content: “download this ebook” or “sign up for our newsletter.” Use these types of Instagram power words in your Instagram profile to make users take action.

Using an Instagram call to action is one of the most powerful marketing tools you can utilize. This blog post will go through 10 powerful Instagram call to action power words every business owner should test on their Instagram profiles.

The importance of an Instagram call to action

Adding an Instagram call to action will help you stand out from the crowd. How you write your Instagram action buttons will leverage your social media traffic and hopefully transform your profile engagement.

How to create Instagram call actions?

There are five primary ways you can create an Instagram call to action on your Instagram business profile:

  1. Adding a CTA Instagram button to your ads
  2. Adding contact buttons to your profile
  3. Adding a call to action to your posts/reels
  4. Adding a call to action to your bio
  5. Adding a call to action to your stories

Adding Instagram action buttons on your profile

Pexels Instagram call to action buttons

Instagram allows business profile owners to add buttons to their profiles for seamless contact. Your Instagram CTA buttons will show up right when a customer enters the profile. There are four types of Instagram action buttons that you can choose from:

  1. Call
  2. Text
  3. Directions
  4. Email

You may have access to more Instagram action buttons depending on the industry that you serve. Currently, Instagram easily integrates with its action button partners for specific industries.

After setting up your Instagram action buttons, you will want to start developing a unique hashtag (#) that includes a unique CTA phrase. Having a personalized Instagram call to action phrase will help your business maintain brand consistency and help increase the visibility of your Instagram profile. 

Use your unique hashtag (#) throughout all of your content. You can include your CTA phrase in all of your ads, posts, bio, and on your stories. 

To complement your hashtag, add copywriting that includes a call to action that stands out from the rest of your content. Your Instagram CTA should be easy to locate without scrolling around your profile looking for it.

10 Instagram Call to Action Power Words Words have power written on a chalk board

When writing an Instagram call to action, you will want to include a power word. Your Instagram power word needs to evoke customer emotion and lead to a response. 

Here is a list of 10 Instagram call to action power words to test on your profile:

  2. BUY NOW
  4. TRY NOW
  7. SIGN UP

Colors to test in Instagram call to action buttonsPrimary colors to test on instagram call to action buttons

Personally developing an Instagram hashtag and adding enticing power words to your copywriting are great ways to start utilizing this powerful social media tool. For further customer action data, you can also look into using different colors on your profile. 

The most well-known brands use specific colors for two reasons; to entice customer action and encourage brand consistency.

When you include specific colors in your Instagram content, test what colors cause customer action on your profile. For example, start testing the primary colors (red, orange, green, blue, indigo); after a few months, see what colors created the most engagement.

An Instagram call to action is a must.

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We hope you enjoyed learning about the importance of Instagram Call to Action buttons and the power words to test out. Remember, use your Instagram CTA in a way that entices a customer to take that next step (buy from your business or use your services).

Contact the professionals at Algorithmic Global for help with your Instagram business page. When you contact us for our Instagram marketing services, we will sit with you and develop a plan to target your ideal customer. 
Creating quality content that converts to customer action can be a daunting task—that’s why we are here to help!

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