The Formula to Producing a Vlog for YouTube

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Posted by Sadie Lulei

If you’ve decided that posting consistent, personal content to YouTube on a regular basis can benefit your life, you have a lot of work in front of you. However being that I’ve spent the past thirteen years of my life producing content for YouTube, I think I can help simplify the process so that you can be producing weekly videos in no time.

First things first, remember that you’re not going to be able to perfectly create your vision from the beginning. Developing a style and following is an ongoing process over the course of at least a few months if not years. Avoid believing that popularity is an overnight process, and similarly, successful channels have a variety of subscribers. The goal isn’t millions of subscribers, but rather to find a group of people who want what your channel offers and then connect to that audience. With a smaller goal in mind, this entire process can be less intimidating.

One thing that popular YouTubers have is a sense of familiarity within their videos. Familiarity comes recurring themes or patterns, which can be either a segment (ex. Outfit of the Day) or characters (ex. friends, your significant other). The purpose of creating a sense of familiarity with your audience is that by creating your detailed persona you can create a bond between you and a viewer by allowing them to know you on a personal level, despite the obvious disconnect. Some YouTubers have repetitive greetings to introduce the feeling of community on their channel. Some collab with one another so frequently that it becomes show-like, watching the story unfold. 

In each video, have a consistent opening video, ending video, and pace of the videos that are in between. Having a repetitive opening adds to your character. Due to the short attention span of most people, make the segments short and to the point. Silence in videos is like empty space in a photo, it can allow for someone who might be more distracted to use the pause to look at other things. Video length isn’t the defining factor, but rather how long each part of the video lasts. Twenty minutes of several different skits and segments can still hold someone’s attention.

Never limit yourself to one genre. In order to find your best-suited style, to find your most popular demographic, allow yourself to try several new things. Get inspired from trending videos, try any idea that comes to mind. Audiences on YouTube are very vocal and as your channel grows you will receive more and more opinions about your content. Of course, have boundaries with recommendations from viewers. If a segment is important to you but you receive negative feedback, simply adjust it to find an even ground or stand strong on your incorporation of it. Not all opinionated comments are necessary to pay attention to.

Don’t forget to add as much information as you’re willing to your channel. Links, the description, your posting time, your favorite channels and videos, etc. Transparency is key in becoming a creator. Subscribers are gained through honesty.

In 2020, Algorithmic Global decided we would, as individuals, post a vlog once a week. To watch our growth as YouTubers, subscribe to each of our channels.

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