Meeting with a Construction Client

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Posted by Lukas Hernandez

Earlier this week we had the privilege to meet with a new construction client that is an industry leader in their niche of remodeling commercial apartment complexes. It was motivating to hear about how their business started and how in under ten years were able to gross over four million in profits. The total staff includes seven individuals and it seems that the owner/leader has done a great job selecting strong personnel who represent him and his brand. They described their leader during the meeting as smart, loyal and family oriented. It was nice to see what it looks like for employees to work with a great leader who spends half the time in the USA and half in Argentina. This goes to show us that anything is possible when you build a company with a strong team.

This client got referred to us from one of their project managers that let us know that they have been in search for a reputable and local website designer. They have a prior website that was built by a web designer in Miami but felt that the company did not truly understand their brand and were looking for someone that is willing to understand the ins-and-outs of their company. Being a web designer in Washington D.C. has its advantages when local businesses want to get that personal touch to their website.

This his meeting taught us a bit more about ourselves and how we work with clients. Algorithmic Global is also a relatively new small business who hopes to grow in a similar way as this construction company and we are reassured that the way of doing this is by continuing to take the time to understand each business and what separates them from their competition.


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