Start Keeping A Journal Now

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Posted by Sadie Lulei

Unless your job specifically requires handwritten formats, it’s easy to fall out of the style of pen and paper. Especially with blogging, vlogging, and other social media based formats of sharing one’s experiences. However, the art of keeping a journal is different from all other aspects of sharing information. See, when your main audience is you, there’s a lot more that be shared. There’s no need to think so much about the design of the thoughts, and there’s absolutely no editing required.

Everyone on the Algorithmic Global team writes in a journal, and at times we find ourselves all silently accounting our thoughts together. Usually when one person pulls out their journal to write, the others follow. I’m a big believer that thoughts, once we come up with them, are stored within us and are able to be stored and forgotten but only temporarily. This requires a constant meditation habit, in order to understand where your thoughts lie. Also, having certain places, music, or people around can help jog thoughts that may have gone dormant out of lack of necessity. However, using a journal can be a very helpful way of remembering this. More importantly, though, I find that writing in my journal creates more thoughts. Wrapping up a brainstorming meeting with ideas, both written and drawn, in my journal can help me conceptualize what factors we may have missed.

In addition, keeping a journal, especially when you allow yourself to freely doodle or paint within it, can provoke creativity that isn’t limited to perfection. Your journal will never be perfect so let everything out without limitations. In that, you’ll find that your art, writing, or general work will have a more creative flow to it.

Ideas are not always limited to a structured writing in order to explain them. Sometimes ideas appear in the form of poems, logos, comics, colors, songs, all things that can transform a journal into a unique and almost untranslatable text for the owner. Since starting my habit of keeping a journal when I was a kid, in order to understand my feelings and remember events I was sure I’d forget, my journal transformed from diary entries to pages and pages of unorganized thoughts and emotions. The lack of organization allows to me let the pure thoughts flow. I’ve found myself more in tune with myself than ever before.

Keep a journal. It’s the best thing you could do to encourage growth.


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