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Pricing a Book on Amazon Kindle

Posted by Lukas Hernandez

When pricing a self-published book we need to consider some important key factors. For starters, if the author is new and does not have an extensive audience then it is important the price is going to gain attention from new fans. The primer goal for a new author is to build their email list and to make sure that many people are buying their book to put them on the map (or at the top of a subcategory on amazon). To get the attention of new fans and to make quick conversions that will help gain reviews the author needs to make sure that the book is priced at a point that won’t make the book seem too cheap but will also make people convert into reading the new hit novel. The issue with many self-published authors is that they want to maximize income for their work and not be patient by building their audience. The sales will come once the author gains an audience because their fans will be waiting for the new release.