Roofing Website Design: Dominate With These 8 Unique Items!

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Roofing website design being worked on by Algorithmic Global web developer

The first step in marketing your roofing business is to utilize a website design that shows the quality you provide.

With the increase of global warming and associated severe weather changes, roofing businesses are in higher demand now more than ever. In a competitive market, the best way to grow your roofing business is to set yourself apart from other roofing contractors using your digital presence, making yourself the clear choice for new roofing leads. A professional roofing website design is the start of a prosperous roofing business. 

A superb roofing website will do the following: 

  1. Help increase your business exposure to new customers searching online
  2. Help legitimize your business, showing visitors what kind of quality you bring to the table and why they should trust you over the competition.
  3. Allow for new leads to quickly contact you and book appointments.
Sales man cartoon

Think of your website as a 24/7 salesperson. A high-quality roofing website design will continuously communicate services, quality, competitive differences, and informative content.  

Now that you know the power behind having a quality roofing website design, let’s go through the essential elements every roofing website needs. 

The best roofing websites have these things in common:

  1. A professional logo
  2. Easy contact (Click-to-call)
  3. Service Areas
  4. List of roofing services provided
  5. User-generated content 
  6. Original high-quality photos and videos
  7. Testimonials, accreditations, and awards
  8. A user-friendly responsive design

AG logo on Ipad

1) A Professional Logo

For best roofing website design practices, you will want your business logo displayed throughout your website. People seeing it throughout your page will begin associating your brand and your company with the services you provide.

The purpose of a logo is to give your roofing business an identity. There are levels of quality for a website logo. The logo you build to represent your roofing company should be in high-def and created by a graphic designer. 

One of the places your logo will show up is on your favicon. A favicon is a little logo next to a business name on a website’s tab. The purpose of a favicon is to add professionalism and brand recognition to your website. 

2) Easy Contact (Click-To-Call)

When a customer has a roof leak or other roofing emergency, they need to contact you immediately. If you want increased levels of business, make it simple for a customer to contact you.  

The best roofing website designs have placed their company phone number at the top of the page in a font that stands out. Ensure that the number that you include on your website reaches you directly.  

On the first fold of your homepage, we recommend that you include a contact form; not all customers will want to speak on the phone.

3) Service Areas 

Many of the largest roofing companies serve more than one area. Your roofing website design must include all areas that your roofing business operates. 

Including service areas will help with search engine optimization and allow customers to know if you service their area for roofing needs. 

4) List of Roofing Services 

Your customers must know that you offer the same roofing service they need. The best roofing website designs have included their primary services on their homepage and the services dropdown menu. 

roofing shingles in a pile

Your roofing services will probably include: 

  • Commercial Roofing 
  • Residential Roofing 
  • Roof repairs 
  • Exterior services  

What not to do: Do not include all services on one page. The best practice is to make a separate page for each roofing service. 

5) User Generated Content 

User generated content is content that your past customers are displaying on your website. The best way to include user generated content is to have continuously updated business reviews on your website. Including reviews on your roofing website design will enhance your roofing SEO. Search engines like websites that are continually updated and your customer reviews will likely include roofing keywords “Wow, we love our new roof!”

6) Original high-quality photos and videos

Your website’s goal should be to keep customers scrolling and reading through your content; this is called having a low bounce rate. To get your customer on your website for more extended periods, you must include clean, bright, original photos and videos.

The best roofing website designs have included photos and videos that are 1080p or higher quality. Your roofing website design will consist of adequately placed pictures and videos to break up long text blocks and match the page’s content. 

It is best to use a camera that is specifically designed for commercial photography/videography. The camera on your phone is reliable but not to the level that a professional roofing website design should have. 

Equipment suggestions 

Digital camera: Sony A7ii series 

Drone: DJI Mavic Pro 2

Drone for roofing website videos

Here are some ideas of photos and videos to include on your roofing website:

  • You and your team
  • Company vehicles
  • Before and after pictures or Videos of finished work
  • Customer testimonials 

Original hi-def content is preferred, but an alternative is to use high-quality stock images that will grab your visitors’ attention.

7) Testimonials, Accreditations, and Awards

The top-notch roofing website designs will show off your hard work and establish your roofing company as a legitimate, trustworthy, and professional local roofing business.

Your roofing website will show off your awards, accreditations, badges, and testimonials to show prospective customers that you are a leading provider of roof systems. 

Here are a few ideas of roofing awards and accreditations to add to your website:

8) A user-friendly responsive design

The team at Algorithmic Global has seen the Google Analytics of a website that is not user-friendly. The biggest indicator? The bounce rates are way higher for non-user-friendly websites. Customers will judge your roofing website design in a matter of seconds, especially if they require emergency roofing services. 

Your homepage should quickly answer the following: 

• Who are you?

• What do you do?

• How can you be quickly contacted?

Also, you need to ensure your roofing website design looks good and loads quickly on any device. Your responsive design will automatically resize to adjust to the visitor’s screen size, no matter if they are using a desktop, laptop, phone, or tablet.

Google has been giving manual penalties for websites that are not mobile-friendly because more people are searching for local services online using their mobile phones.

Get more leads with your roofing website 

Phone displaying be the difference

Consumers today can easily search and compare roofing competitors. In most cases, they will look at multiple roofing websites to decide which one will be best for them. 

If you want to gain more leads, your website needs to have a unique roofing website design that will separate you from the competition. 

Algorithmic Global specializes in working with restoration and roofing companies. We provide full services digital marketing services. Contact us today for more information on building your dream website! 

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