Selling PPC: 5 Aspects of a Strong PPC Scope of Work

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Selling PPC

When selling PPC services, the sales professional should walk into the meeting with a clearly defined scope and plan.

Pay-per-click, also known as PPC, is a valuable part of a marketing strategy. Digital marketing professionals use PPC to drive traffic to a website. One of the most critical aspects of selling PPC is understanding the scope of work right off the bat. A quality scope will include five essential factors to communicate to the client—both written and verbally—during an initial meeting.

The professionals at Algorithmic Global understand that each business is unique and will have different goals for its PPC campaign. With that said, the following blog post will go over a generic scope when selling PPC services—an excellent resource for any individual looking to start a digital marketing agency.

Before we get started, we need to clarify why we are willing to help other marketing agencies by sharing our sales tactics. First off, the team at Algorithmic Global believes in assisting others in their growth, and secondly, we currently only offer digital marketing services for a specific niche of clients. 

Now that has been cleared up, let’s get started!

The secret to selling PPC

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When selling PPC services, the salesperson will be meeting with decision-makers in the c-suite. Meeting with top-level executives can be challenging, but proper preparation increases your likelihood of success.

Preparation is the secret in selling PPC services. To properly prepare for a PPC sales meeting, you need to consider—and be ready for—any question that might arise from the client.

PPC sales questions commonly include:

  • Budget
  • Project timelines 
  • Key performance indicators (KPI’s)
  • Return on investment (ROI)

In short: to ensure you are ready to sell PPC services, create a scope of work for new clients.

PPC scope of work

A professional at Algorithmic Global drafting a PPC scope of work

The scope of work we provide to our clients is an essential aspect of the overall success and long-term relationship. Bottom line, a new digital marketing client wants to know what you will be doing for them, how much it will cost, and when they should anticipate seeing results.

The following are five aspects of a strong PPC scope of work:

  1. PPC budget management: Ensure that the PPC campaign budget is within an agreed-upon range every month. Define the amount spent on PPC services at the beginning of each month.
  1. PPC Optimization: Optimization of the PPC campaign will ensure that the client is receiving quality traffic. Clicks that are likely to lead to a sale determine qualified leads from PPC.
  1. Reporting: Clearly define when the client should expect to receive the PPC reports. The goal should be to have the reports sent out on the same day each month and include campaign data for the last month. Reporting is commonly sent out in PDF format but can also be in video format upon request.
  1. PPC Payment: Base the fees for the PPC account management on the amount of ad spend per month. You should also mention if there are any setup fees for new account builds. Lastly, make sure you include when the client is responsible for paying the invoice.
  1. Cancelation: If the new client is on a recurring invoice, you will want to mention cancelation terms. We suggest including a thirty-day minimum notice as the cancelation policy.
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Wrapping up

Selling PPC services can be daunting, especially if you have never sold digital marketing services before. Just remember to prepare for any questions that might arise and that the PPC scope of work will allow both parties to be on the same page when it comes to expectations and deliverables.
Please feel free to contact us regarding any further questions on selling PPC services. The professionals at Algorithmic Global have been selling PPC services since 2017 and understand any struggles a new digital marketing agency may face.


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