What Is A Style Guide, And How Can It Improve A Businesses Brand

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What is a brand style guide?

The purpose of a style guide is to produce a connection between strong brand consistency and a brand’s success in a centralized document or set of documents. A full brand style guide will establish and set a brand’s voice, tone, and style while serving as a reflection of what the business represents.

Surveys have shown that 90% of businesses say brand consistency is incredibly important in long term success. However, only about 10% of this majority are practicing consistently with their branding.

A well-designed style guide ensures your brand appears consistent, no matter who creates its content. It will help your team follow best practices and gear content towards the needs of your most ideal customers.

It’s important to recognize that a brand’s message and its content style are not the same. It’s not just about your brand’s message, but how that message is effectively delivered through efficient and consistent design and styling. A style guide aims to create a solid ground for brand consistency to prevent any misinterpretations in a companies brand’s message or possibly even leaves a negative impression on a potential client or user.

A useful style guide will set standards for many significant visual design elements such as colors, typography, logo usage, and variations, to editorial standards to ensure written content matches the brand’s voice and tone.

Whether you’re managing the marketing efforts in a large B2B organization or running a startup, a style guide should be a fundamental element of your marketing strategy.


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