SEO Copywriting Services: 3 Ways to Boost Your Ranking Now

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seo copywriting services

SEO copywriting services help your evergreen content stay relevant, create high-quality ongoing posts, and give advertising professionals ammo for their campaigns!

The benefits of SEO copywriting services are diverse, and many marketers still don’t take advantage. SEO copywriting services are a great SEO strategy to boost your ranking, giving search engine crawlers high-quality content to sort through and display on their results pages.

With SEO copywriting services, you can get more traffic to your site and improve your conversion rates. Sounds interesting, right?

This post discusses the three ways that SEO copywriting services can help you now: with the website service pages, blog posts, and with pay-per-click ads.

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What are SEO copywriting services?

There are two aspects to search engine optimization (SEO): technical and on-page. Technical deals with the site structure and metadata, and on-page SEO is the content on the pages. Put another way, on-page is the copy.

Copywriting is the art of creating content that searchers will find in a search engine’s index. As a result, it helps your site rank higher. Now that Google’s algorithm prioritizes natural language and page experience, having high-quality content written by an SEO copywriter is the safest and most effective path to the top of the rankings.

The written part of the content on a website is where SEO copywriting services shine. Copywriters create website service pages, blog posts to attract organic visitors, and product descriptions for pay-per-click ads.

The problem most businesses face is that they don’t have dedicated writers on staff. One potential solution (for those who don’t know better)? You could take content from another website. It will fill up the pages, but duplicated content gets penalized by Google’s algorithm.

Thankfully, there are SEO copywriting services for business owners who don’t specialize in writing for the digital age.

3 paths to a rankings boost

SEO copywriting services help business owners take care of their online presence. Anyone who needs an SEO copywriter doesn’t have to worry about questions like:

  • Which keyword should I write about?
  • How many times should I use the keyword?
  • How long should my post be?

The SEO professional takes care of the answers to those questions for them!

In addition to taking the worry off the business owner’s plate, SEO copywriting services also help boost the ranking of service pages, blog posts, and provide keyword-rich information for paid ads campaigns.

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Website service pages

Website service pages describe the services or products offered by the business. Since businesses don’t frequently change their offerings, it’s considered evergreen content.

The content on the website pages needs to be clear and contain plenty of information about the offering. SEO copywriting services specialize in making sure the pages rank for the correct keywords.

For example, Algorithmic Global has several roofing contractors for clients. The service page for roof restoration has different keywords and information than the page about gutters and siding, giving Google plenty of information about each page’s topic.

Blog posts

Some websites can scrape together enough quality content for their website. Then, their website sits for a long time, unchanged and without updates.

The problem? Google likes seeing a consistent output of new, high-quality content—otherwise known as blog posts.

Even with a content-rich website, business owners often find creating ongoing blog posts problematic. Enter: SEO copywriting services.

Going back to our roofing contractor example, we create blog posts about everything relevant to “roofing.” Roof leaks, roof flashing, and asphalt shingles are a few examples of recent posts.

Information for your paid ads

SEO copywriting services also help boost rankings by creating high-quality information for your paid ads. The ad description, headline, and keywords are all areas where the content on your website can pay off in another way.

There’s an added benefit: the landing page your ad leads to will match the content from the ads, creating a beneficial feedback loop. In addition, Google ads provide an ad rank boost for consistent messaging, resulting in a lower cost-per-click using this technique.

We created the website service pages and blog posts for our roofing contractor client then sent paid traffic to the pages using Google ads. Since the content on the pages matches the content in the ads, Google knows precisely the keywords and search terms their users search with and can provide answers on our roofer’s website.

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Algorithmic Global’s SEO copywriting services

One benefit SEO copywriting services provide is web pages and blog posts that showcase your product or service in detail. Quality content helps search engines know what your business does and send the right traffic your way.

You want these pages to be optimized for conversion rates so people will be more likely to buy from you instead of a competitor who doesn’t have SEO copywriting services!

Algorithmic Global specializes in SEO copywriting for disaster restoration, roofing, and remodeling services. Our team of SEO copywriters and editors know what it takes to rank on Google and can help your business show to the right audience. So give us a call or reach out via our contact page for more information!

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